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What is the song heard in the 2006 Suzuki V6 Grand Vitara commercial?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-03 17:45:06

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Alive and Amplified by Mooney Suzuki

2006-08-03 17:45:06
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Difference between suzuki sidekick and vitara?

I read on a forum once that the Suzuki has larger front brakes than the tracker, which, if true would mean a better mountain truck. Other than that I heard most other parts are the same, though this is just from the limited forum hearsay on this topic.

Is a Yamaha yfz 450 faster then a Suzuki 450r?

I heard the Suzuki has more top end speed but the YFZ is quicker

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Whats the song in the Mens Dockers San Francisco commercial not the Street Car commercial?

original answer: Marlena Shaw- California Soul Never heard of her before I heard this commercial and researched it. Glad I did. Enjoy.

Where can you get a work shop manual for a Suzuki Vitara 2.0l v6?

I own a used 2002 Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 and have been looking for a do-it -yourself Repair Manual for this vehicle for over a year. The only place I've been able to find one worth buying was from my local Suzuki Dealer for approximately $99.00. Pretty steep price, so I'm still waiting for Chilton or Haynes to produce a manual that covers my vehicle. Another alternative is to subscribe to an online service such as They have a section for repair professionals and one for do-it-yourself vehicle owners. Cost is $24.95 for the initial vehicle and $14.95 for each vehicle therafter for one year of online access. I've heard that Chilton's also has a similar online service, but have not checked it out yet. I would still rather have a hard copy manual with lots of drawings and photos to guide me along the way. ANSWER I have one, to you want me to email the relevant part to you?

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What is an ignis? Never heard of this model.

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