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What is the song heard on the Spanish Cingular commercial?


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2006-05-03 02:26:10
2006-05-03 02:26:10

If you're talking about the rokr commercial it's called Brinca Brinca by DJ Kane

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the song playing in the blackjack commercial is Stringing Sitars by Anjali

Salt & Peppa (pepper?) sing the 'Oh Baby Baby' song heard in the Cingular commercial. No the artist is britany spears she sings"hit me baby onw more time"

Answer cingular commercial, sopranos sonwoke up this morning, by Alabama 3 =)... hope this helps

Try this site for song commercial names and artists: Cingular has several commercials and songs out now.

you can see it here: it can be downloaded from youtube - just do a search for cingular commercials

"The Weight" by The Band... you can't download it from any gnutella network, but you can hear it/watch it on the Cingular site.

The name of the song is Young Folks by the Swedish group, Peter Bjorn & John.

The cingular wireless commercial with all of the people standing around the party then on the field is "Salsbury Hill" by Peter Gabriel. I found it! Is that the song you was looking for? hope that helps. -Matthew carman.

I heard the song was made just for the commercial.

Yes, it is sad but true. Their song "Gravity Rides Everything" off the album "The Moon and Antartica" is on the cingular commericial.

Solsbury Hill is the name of the song. I'm not sure who's actually singing it in the commercial because I've heard different versions. Peter Gabriel sings the original version. Erasure did a cover, but somene else may be singing it in the commercial.

Took me a while to find it.... Hooverphonics - "This Strange Effect"

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