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it is : FCL - Is you. but a remix Bacardi made i think...

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Q: What is the song in the Bacardi and cola commercial that just has the bat logo in the background?
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What type of logo does Coca-Cola have?

They have a red background with coca cola written in white. If you need more help just type in Coca Cola Logo on Google images. Hope this helps!

What is the Song in vitamin water commercial?

its just a jingle, not a real song in the background.

What song is in the vitamin water commercial?

its just a jingle, not a real song in the background.

What song is playing in the vitamin water commercial?

its just a jingle, not a real song in the background.

Does Bacardi still make the frozen Mojito mix?

Coca Cola is the company who makes the Bacardi Mojito Mixer and according to their customer service hotline they DO still make the Mojito Mixer. However, our grocery stores carried it until just recently and ALL of them stopped carrying it. I tried to special order it, but the minimum the store can buy from Coca Cola is 10 Cases. We like it ALOT but that is enough to last us at least 5 years. If anyone finds them for sale online let me know because we are on the search too.

What is the name of the song in the Miller Lite See and Say commercial?

The song playing in the background of the Miller Lite see and say commercial is instrumental. There is no credit given to and artist. It is possible that the piece was created just for the commercial.

The name of the drink Bacardi and diet?

It's a basic cocktail, like Gin & Tonic, Vodka & Soda. It's just Bacardi and Diet. Best with extra fruit!

What is the importance of coca cola?

there is no importance of coca cola; it is just a drink.

What is the background music for the official iPad introduction video?

Well the first iPad commercial featured "there goes my love" by theblue vans. And the 30 second commercial I believe is just an instrumental.

What is the difference between coke and Coca-Cola?

there is no difference between coke and coca-cola coke is just a short nick name for coca-cola.

What is the cola coca logo?

It is just the coca-cola name written in the coca-cola brand. Their logo is their company name

Who sings id like to teach the world to sing?

When the original Coca-Cola commercial was released, it said "The New Seekers for Coca-Cola." The New Seekers later released an re-written long version of the song deleting the Coca-Cola reference. However, Wikipedia does not mention that The New Seekers did the commercial and implies otherwise, but it sounds just like the record. The Hilltop Singers also recorced the long re-written version of the song.

Which one will float diet Coca-Cola or just regular Coca-Cola?

They will both float. TT Cullen:)

What is inside the coca cola bottle from the Netherlands?

Cocaine. no off course not! just coca cola!

How will you test if coca cola can clean a penny?

You should just soak a PENNY in CoCA CoLA.

What is the background opera aria in the kohler contractor commercial?

The aria is the Elvira Arturo duet from Bellini's I Puritani. It is from Act III and it is just an excerpt of the aria.

Is Bacardi 151 banned from being served in Pennsylvania?

No, just bought a bottle in york pa.

Which cocktails have fewest calories?

Bacardi and a diet coke has the fewest, just over 100 calories.

What is the difference between Coke and Coca Cola?

there is no difference between coke and Coca-Cola coke is just a short nick name for coca-cola.

I just accidentally the whole Coca-Cola bottle What should I do is it dangerous?

Just purposely the whole Coca-Cola bottle and you should be fine. :)

Is Christmas Coca-Cola different from regular Coca-Cola?

No, it just changes the label. New Coke which was sold in the 80's is different though.

What is got better taste pepsi or Coca-Cola?

Definitely Coca-Cola.The Pepsi company just tried to copy Coca-Cola but failed terribly.

What is the sugar content of the various Diet drinks made by Coca-Cola?

There are 6 grams. I just checked.

Who is singing the background song in the new Honda commercial showing people forgetting which side their gas tank is on?

joe purdy, just can't seem to get it right today

How do you deep fry Coca-Cola?

You mix it into a fritter batter and then fry it. Obviously, it wouldn't work to just pour it into a deep fryer. Deep fried Coca-cola is actually a sort of Coca-cola flavored donut.