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The song "Wind Me Up" is by a band called The Ceasars. They are a European band with their first US appearance occurring some time in the next couple of months. US radio stations have begun playing the original song recently. I think it's actually called "Jerk it Out"

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โˆ™ 2009-05-22 17:29:18
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Q: What is the song in the i-pod shuffle commercial?
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What is the name of the song when iPod does the iPod shuffle?

If you mean the song in the commercial it is 'Who is Gonna Sing' by the Prototypes.

What is the song in the iPod Shuffle commercial?

The song in the iPod Shuffle commercial is 'Who is Gonna Sing' by the group Prototypes. Two songs on iPod adverts are 'no you girls never know' by Franz Ferdinand and 'around the bend' by asteroid galaxy tour

Which is better iPod shuffle or iPod nano?

without a doubt the Nano is better. It has a screen and you can listen to a certain song but with a shuffle, it's a random song and there is no screen.

Will an iPod shuffle charger fit an iPod shuffle?

an Ipod shuffle will definitely connect an Ipod Shuffle charger.

How do you loop one song on an IPod shuffle?

all you have to do it press the left button in your ipod

If you drag a song into itunes will it work on a iPod Shuffle?


How do you upload a single song to an iPod Shuffle from an iMac?

you need a lead that fits the ipod and the imac.

How old is an iPod shuffle?

how old is the ipod shuffle

Do you need an iPod to have an iPod shuffle?

Nope :] An iPod shuffle is an iPod in its own right!

Was the iPod Shuffle before the iPod Nano?

The iPod Nano is before the iPod Shuffle.

How do you play all the song without shuffle in ipod?

On an iPod Shuffle, the little switch on the side at the top must be in the middle, then it plays in order. For a different version of iPod, I don't know. :)

How do you shuffle song by playlist on an ipod?

You go to the main menu and you click on Music.. then you click on shuffle and it will start shuffling

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