What is the song on the new iPod commercial?


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Bruises - Chairlift "1234" by Feist

Try Thunder on the Mountain - Bob Dylan

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The iPod commercial where the different colored paint drips down has the song Bruises by Chairlift on it.

The song in the latest iPod nano commercial is: 1,2,3,4 by The Feist

The group is Cake and the song is Shot Skirt/Long Jacket.

Chosen by Asker Feist now ? for you why its not even that great of a song?

Shut up and Let Me Go by the Ting Tings

The name of the song is Shut Up and Let Me Go, by The Ting Tings

If you mean the song in the commercial it is 'Who is Gonna Sing' by the Prototypes.

The first iPod commercial features a man of Indian decent dancing wildly to a song. The song featured in the commercial is "Take California" by the Propellerheads.

Miss Li's "Bourgeois Shangri-La" i hope this should help

Feist (I think that's the commercial you mean.)

Miss Li sings the song in the newest iPod commercial, the video iPod. She's Swedish, and pretty hot too!!

The song in the Dell commercial that is reminiscent of Feist's song 1234 is called Trace. The music was written by Explosion Robinson, and the vocals are by a singer named Melati Mmalay.

Asteroids Galaxy Tour "Around The Bend" http://www.whatisthatsong.net/commercials/apple.html

The song in the iPod Shuffle commercial is 'Who is Gonna Sing' by the group Prototypes. Two songs on iPod adverts are 'no you girls never know' by Franz Ferdinand and 'around the bend' by asteroid galaxy tour

My god! Doesn't ANYONE know?

The song is called Bruises by the band Chairlift.

Landon Pigg - Coffee Shop is the Song on the new ATT commercial.

Bruises by Chairlift Bruises by Chairlift

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