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What is the song you in the v05 advert?


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Its called A walk in the dark by a geezer called Whitey. No not the muppet Whitey Ford !!

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The song is called "Word Up" by Cameo. There's two versions of the V05 ad and a different band plays a cover of the song on each version. The shorter 30 second version is by the German punk band Boss Hoss, the extended 90 second version features the same song by the London band Chavo

Latest music used in the advert

I think the latest dfs advert song 2012 is sung by Neil Diamond

Dave Brubeck sings the song in the McDonalds advert 2013. The name of the song is "Unsquare Dance" and it was released in 1962.

the song is "take on me" by a-ha.

Perry Como sings the song n the Asda advert

who sings littlewoods 2013 advert song

The song that is featured on the new Next advert May 2009 is called The Sweet Escape by Gwen Stefani.

The Song is Technoligic by Daft Punk.


The song is Muse - Feeling Good.

'Airfield', by JavelinJamz.

Hi, The song used in the Inspector George Gently Advert is by Nina Simone called Sinnerman. Kind regards.

I think the advert you're talking about is the one where they say what is on?? If it is then its "Greatest Day by Take That" But if it's the wrong advert then it won't be - Hope this helps

The song is Youngblood by a band called Scams!

"This is the Life" by Amy that song!

they are calledAvicii - Levelsis the song

Kyu and the song is called Pixiphony

Hi all! After a LOT of searching I found the song from the sex and the city advert. It's called Cole's corner by Richard Hawley. Lovely song. Enjoy.

Amy Macdonald - This Is The Life

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