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What is the sound an owl makes called?

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A hoot sound

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A owl makes howling sound.

The sound of an owl is called Hoot. Owls both hoot and screech. There are some owls that make different sounds like the Barn owl that clicks its tongue while the long eared owl makes a 'who' sound.

The owl makes the hoot sound

The name owl originated in German as "Eule" and drifted across Europe to England where it become "owl". The original German word is thought to be an imitation of the sound an owl makes. In Arabic an owl is called a "Hoo" for a similar reason.

The sound made by an owl is called a hoot. However, the sounds are more like a whoooo or hoooo.

An owl is usually linked with making a 'hoot sound'.

A pigeon, and possibly an owl?

Fenum said-It is called as HOOT.Just C. Urious said-It depends on the owl. Most hoot but the long eared owl "who". Barn owls click tounges and make high pitched shries. Lots of owls screech.

The Laughing Owl wads called this because it was said to make a laughing sound. However, it was known to make different noises.

an owl makes and "oo" sound. But so does a monkey.

The Saw-Whet Owl received its name from the noise it makes when it sleeps. The sound is almost like the sound of a saw being whetted or sharpened. Which is how the name 'Saw-Whet' Owl.

Whoo. Hoo. Hoot. Although those are most common some owls like the Barn owl make a screeching sound.

it is called the northern saw-whet owl because one of its calls sound like a whetting saw

it makes like a bear sound

The Tawny Owl is said to make a hoot sound. Not all species of owl hoots, some screech.

The sound a horn makes is called a toot or a blast.

It makes a medium to high pitch 'oo' sound that may be drawn out to last for several seconds.

The sound of an Eastern screech owl has been called a "bounce song." Both male and female owls sing, with a noticeable tremolo.

If you are in the Americas, then it is probably a Mourning Dove. There is a chance that it is an owl, but if you are hearing the sound before sunset and after sun-rise then it is a Mourning Dove. An owl and a Dove don't sound anything a like, but if you write it as text, they both say "who who"

Owls make a hooting sound and some people call them hoot owls.

the sound that a sheep makes is called 'bleeting"

The males gobbles and the female makes a clicking sound.

The animal that makes a hoot sound is an owl. They are nocturnal birds that eat mice and other small rodents.

If you mean a word that sounds like a sound something makes, such as hoo-hoo as a sound an owl makes or sh-h-h for shush the answer is onomatopoeia

A female owl called an owl

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