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Q: What is the sound in Wayne's World 2 when Wayne had the dream and seen Jim Morrison in the desert with the weird naked Indian?
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What was John Waynes birthname?

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison.

What was john Waynes original name?

John Wayne's original name was Marion Mitchell Morrison.

John Waynes birthday?

Marion Robert Morrison (aka John Wayne) was born May 26th, 1907.

Why did John Waynes children have Wayne for a last name?

Marion Morrison legally changed his name to his stage name, John Wayne. This is not at all unusual for performers.

Where was John Waynes born?

Marion Mitchell Morrison (John Wayne), was an American film actor, director and producer. He was born in Winterset Iowa.

Is Patrick Wayne John Waynes son?

Patrick Wayne was John Waynes' son by his wife Josephine.

John Waynes real name?

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison but his parents changed his name to Marion Mitchell (in some accounts Michael) Morrison after they decided to name their second son Robert..

Is Tommy Morrison John Waynes son?

No. He is not related to John Wayne in any way, according to John Wayne's son. Says "We've never heard of him". He claims to be John Wayne's "great nephew". Claims have never been substantiated.

What is reggie Waynes parents?

Euwayne Hawkins Wayne and Ralph Wayne.

Is Damon Waynes a Wayne Brother?


What was the song in Waynes world when wayne first sees casandra?

The song that was in Waynes World when Wayne first seem Cassandra was Eternal Flame.

What are the screen names of John Waynes sons?

Second oldest son Patrick uses his first name and the Wayne last name (their legal name is Morrison). Wayne's youngest son John Ethan acts under the name Ethan Wayne.

What was John Waynes birth name?

John Wayne was born Marion Robert Morrison. Shortly after his parents decided to name their second boy Robert & his name was changed to Marion Mitchell Morrison although it seems Wayne alternately gave out his name as Marion MichaelMorrison because he liked the name.

What is Lil Waynes children name?

Lil Wayne

Who are Lil Wayne favortie rapper?

lil waynes favorite rapper is lil Wayne!

What is Bruce Waynes fathers name?

Dr. Thomas Wayne. His mother was Martha Wayne.

What were Bruce Waynes parents names?

Dr. Thomas Wayne. His mother was Martha Wayne

What fort did general Waynes men build?

Fort Wayne :)

How tall is John Waynes?

John Wayne was 6f 4

Is John Waynes tall?

John Wayne was 6f 4

What was John Waynes's childhood like?

John Wayne, born Marion Morrison was born in Winterset, Iowa. His parents were Clyde Morrison and Mary Morrison. When he was little, he moved from Iowa to Glendale, California. During that time, he swam in an irrigation ditch and rode a horse to school. So, in all, he had a pretty cool childhood!

When was Little Wayne's daughter born?

lil waynes was born 2003

How much is john wayne's signature?

John Waynes signature is $100.00

Is Lil Waynes father dead?

Yes!. Lil Waynes father is deceased....He died when Wayne was 17!. his name is zahir caldwel

What was John Wayne's birthname?

Marion Robert Morrison