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Q: What is the sounds of whips called?
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What are people called that where a short skirt and carry a whip?

Irish whips

What are the 10 ft cb radio antennas called that hicks have on their trucks?

There called 102" whips!

Why do they call them crakers?

The white colonists were called crackers because they used whips to beat the black slaves. The whips were unleashed to the slaves while they were working on the farms and industries

The difference between a school whip and a jump whip?

There are 2 basic types of whips. What is refered to above as a schooling whip is most commonly called a lunge whip. There are variations on this but these types of whips are used for inhand training. (handler on the ground). The jump whip is usually called a riding crop which a rider carries while riding. Most whips come from one or the other of these 2 groups. The exception are the whips used for dressage training. They are longer than riding crops and shorter the inhand whips. Inhand whips are used to encourage forward movement. Riding crops or bats are used as leg aids. None of these whips should be used as punishment. Most whips are better left to more experienced horse people that understand their use.

When you pull start your lawn mower the cords whips back hard?

check the flywheel key. it sounds like it has sheared and will need to be replaced

What do whips on a pickup increase?

There is no point of whips

Was is the punishment by whipping that happened to Jesus?

This punishment was called scourging,done with spiked whips.

When was Unique Whips created?

Unique Whips was created in 2005.

Who assist the floor leaders in getting party members to vote in a certain way?


Does SIC 3199 cover makes of whips?

SIC 3199 covers makers of whips

The congressional leaders whose major task is to keep party members in line and track votes are called?


What are the leaders and there assistants in congress called?

Along party lines, the Senate has the Senate Majority Leader and the Senate Minority Leader who represent the majority and minority party in the Senate respectively. Each of these Leaders has assistants called Whips. The House of Representatives has the Speaker of the House who is elected by that majority party. The second in command is the Majority Leader of the House of Representatives. There is also the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives. Both of these people have Majority Whips and Minority Whips as their assistants, respectively.