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What is the source of a website?


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Do you mean source code? If so, the source code is the actual code a person or program writes up to makes a webpage/site display and function in the desired fashion. It can often be found by right clicking on a webpage and selecting "View Source code"


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You put the code on your website in the source. Source contains all the coding you have done for the website.

It is unlikely that a website would be acceptable as a source for a scientific paper. If the website quoted it's source then you could consult that source direct to confirm the point and then quote the original source.

OnlineWhen citing a website in APA include the following information:The name of the website(in italics)The name of the website articleAuthor of the sourceThe date the website was created or when the particular online source was published (if known)Date the website was accessedThe website URL

learn HTML source code and read the source code of the website before going on it, or get avg and it scans the website before you go on it

a NON print source is a source that is not printed, like electronic media. A website.

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you should never use this website as a source. along with

download the source and copy paste it

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There is a website called, where you can find the cloud computing open source. At the website you can meet the community and you can access to other projects.

To view the source of website it's very simple. Simply right click on the webpage itself and click view source. This is the same whether on Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer.

To create an appealing website, first you need some source to do that. You can find useful source at or They have so many theme for you to choose.

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Every website would have a different HTML code. You can right click on the page body and choose "View Source" to view the HTML source of that web page.

There are many sites online that list free website development. One of the sites is Yellowpages360solution. One could also try Techradar or Openwebdesign before making a decision on which source to use for their website.

Internet Explorer: View > Source... Google Chrome: Page Controls > Developer > Source... Mozilla Firefox: View > Source...

A secondary source analyses and interprets a primary source. Some examples would be: a text book; the results for an experiment; or a website.

A reliable source to purchase Mini Cooper Wheels is from the Carid Website. Once on the website, select the year of your vehicle to browse compatible wheels.

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