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The source of the cotton fibre is the cotton plant which bears a seed pod which contains the cotton seed and the cotton fibre. This is a very ingenious packaging that nature has devised for the cotton seed. The seed is first wrapped in cotton fibre and then it is covered in a harder outer pod cover. It grows in places with high summer temperatures and humidity.

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Is cotton a natural fiber or man -made fiber?

Cotton is a natural fiber.

What is the difference between cotton fiber and natural fiber?

Cotton fiber is natural fiber but natural fiber is not only cotton. Natural fiber also is silk, bamboo, hemp, wool, and whatever else that is NOT manmade or synthetic.

Is cotton a fabric or fiber?

Cotton is a natural, renewable fiber which is fabricated into fabrics.

What percent of polyester is cotton?

Polyester is a man made fiber which is often mixed with cotton, which is a natural fiber. There is no cotton in polyester.

How does a paramecium respond to a cotton fiber?

The paramecium will first go to the cotton fiber and after realizing that it is not a positive stimulus (food), it will move away from the cotton fiber and search for another food.

What is a cotton saree?

A saree which is made with cotton fiber.

What is the Source of Cotton?

cotton is a source of clothing

Is cotton a fiber?


How does the manufacturing synthetic fiber affect the cotton?

Simple. If more synthetic fiber is used less cotton will be needed

What is the cotton gin used for?

it separated the cotton fiber and the seeds that were in it

What are the main raw material of cotton spinning?

Cotton fiber

Which fiber characteristics are most important for clothing and why?

Cotton, as a natural cellulosic fiber, has a lot of characteristics, such as; .... Cotton is the most important apparel fiber throughout the world.

What is the source of dietary fiber in animals?

Grasses are a source of dietary fiber.

What is the source of Cotton Mather's slaves' names?

What is the source of cotton ? What are the merits of cotton? What are the demerits of cotton?

What does a cotton gin do?

The cotton gin separates the cotton fiber, leaves, and trash from the seeds.

What machine removed the cotton seeds from the cotton fiber quickly and easily?

Cotton Gin.

Why is cotton a plant fiber?

Cotton is a plant- cotton thread is spun from the seed bolls of the cotton plant.

Will a wet cotton fiber conduct electricity?

Yes, as long as the water is saturated to the point where it's covering the cotton fiber.

Effect of water on the cotton fiber?

It gets it wet. If you don't dry it correctly, cotton cloth can shrink...but water itself won't do anything to cotton fiber.

How does the cotton gin pick the cotton?

The cotton gin does not pick the cotton. It separates the cotton fiber from the seeds and other debris

How was the cotton gin beneficial?

The cotton gin is a machine that separates cotton seeds from cotton fiber. Invented by Eli Whitney in 1793, it was an important invention because it dramatically reduced the amount of time it took to separate cotton seeds from cotton fiber.

How is cotton a rayon different?

Rayon is a sythetic fiber and cotton is a plant.

Why is the cotton gin important?

Because There Would Be Fiber Seeds In The Cotton.

How is the fiber made into cotton fabric?

cotton fibre made up of

Who invented the cotton gin that seperated the cotton fiber from the seed?