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Natural gas is found with petroleum reserves, so petroleum can be considered the source of natural gas.

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Q: What is the source of natural gases?
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Natural and man-made sources of these gases?

what gases? I'll guess that you mean oxygen. Natural source - the air, man-made - none.

Why CNG and gobar gas is less polluting?

Because it is a natural source and does not contain harmful gases.

Why natural gases is an nonrenewable resource?

Natural gases is important

List of natural gases?

There are many natural gases. Some of these natural gases include shale gas, town gas, as well as crystalized natural gas.

Where are natural gases found?

Natural gases are found under ground.

What is naturl gases?

Natural gases are gases of lithosphere.

What is good about natural gases?

Natural gases give us some energy

Who makes gases?

Nobody makes gases. Gases are natural.

Where are natural gases located?

Natural gases are located in a few different places. Natural gases are in plants, animals and microorganisms that lived millions of years ago.

What types of gases make natural gases?


What are coal and natural gases example of?

Coal oil, and natural gases are examples of fossil fuels

What are coal oil and natural gases of?

Coal oil, and natural gases are examples of fossil fuels