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The Spanish word for condom is "condón" or "preservativo".

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control de natalidad

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Q: What is the spanish term for birth control?
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Does long-term birth control use affect future fertility?

There is no proof that birth control has a long term affect on being pregnant.

What is another term used for contraception?

Birth Control

Can being on birth control too long affect your bladder?

There are no known effects, short- or long-term, of birth control on bladder function.

What if a child takes three birth control pills?

A child who takes three birth control pills may have some nausea, but no other short-term or long-term ill effects.

How would you explain the term birth control?

Anything that regulates when and how you get pregnant.

Is there any long-term birth control for women that does not affect the menstrual cycle?

The copper IUD (brand name Paragard in the US) is a long-term, highly effective birth control method that does not change the timing of menstrual periods.

What does sex term ld mean?

inter uterine device...a form of birth control

What is the name of the medicine for long term birth control?

Nexplanon, Mirena, and Paragard provide birth control that lasts for years. Depo Provera provides three months of protection after each injection.

What does papel pecado mean?

"Papel pecado" translates to "sinful paper" in English. It is a term used in some Spanish-speaking countries to refer to contraceptive paper or birth control.

What is Spain's Ever Faithful Isle?

A term that refers to Cuba while it was still under Spanish control/rule. Given this term because it was the only colony that had not fought agaisnt the Spanish crown for independence.

What is birth in Spanish?

"nacimiento" is the Spanish word for "birth".

What is a diaphragm for women?

it is a sex tool used in intercourse_____________________________It is a barrier method of birth control which prevent sperm from entering the cervix. There is a technical term for women who rely on a diaphragm for birth control; they are called "mothers".