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Q: What is the spanish word for 4?
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What is a 4-letter spanish word for 'purple'?

There is no 4-letter Spanish word for purple. These words mean purple in Spanish:violetapurpúreocárdenomorado

Purple as a Spanish 4-letter word?


4-letter word for a room in a spanish residencia?


How many syllables the word bicycle have in spanish?

bicicleta.................. 4

What is a 4 letter word for 11 so?

once= eleven in spanish

How many syllables in the spanish word medicina?

4: me-di-ci-na

What is a 4 letter word for spanish stewpot?

olla Pronunciation: oy ya

Is guitar a spanish word?

The spanish word for guitar is Guitarra. This English word came directly from the Spanish word, but it is not a Spanish word any more than the Spanish word is an Arabic word. "qutar" or a Greek word Chirara.

Is there a spanish word that begins with k?

In spanish there are only about 4 or 5 words that begin with K Kilo Kilometro kilogramo kilovatio

The Spanish word for did?

The spanish word for did is hizo.

What is the Spanish for the word of?

"De" is the Spanish word for "of".

What is Spanish word for she?

The Spanish word for "she" is "ella".