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I would say "terraza"

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Q: What is the spanish word for terrace?
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When you rearrange the CATERER what word will you get and the clue is A row of houses all joined together?


How do you say terrace in spanish?

Terraza (tearRATHah; ''TH' as in 'thin')

Is terrace first or second syllable?

The word "terrace" has the stress on the first syllable.

Where did patio come from?

There is an old Latin word Patero meaning an enclosed terrace beside a building. The more modern derivation is from Spanish, meaning a courtyard.

What is the root of the word terrace?


What do you call row of houses all joined together using only the word caterer?

It is terrace housing.

How do you use the word terraces in a sentence?

The word terrace can refer to a large balcony, or to a curved form of landscaping.I stood on the terrace and watched the cars pass on the street below.The farmer planned to terrace the hillside and plant trees to hold the soil.

How do you say terace in spanish?

English 'terrace' = 'terraza' in Spanish. It is pronounced 'tearRATHah' in Spain; 'tearRASSah' in Latin America. (TH as in 'thin')

What is an example of a seven letter word with two r's?


How can you use the word terrace in a sentence?

It must have taken a lot of effort by the Inca people to terrace these steep mountains.

The word 'patio' originates from?

The English word patio, coined in 1818, meaning "open court to the sky" derived from the Spanish wordpatio, which "probably" came from the O.Prov. wordpatu, pati, meaning "untilled land, communal pasture", which derived from the Latin word pactum, meaning "agreement".ANOTHER THEORY traces the Spanish word to the Latin word patere, meaning" to lie open".THE MEANING OF "paved and enclosed terrace beside a building" was first attested in 1941, patio furniturearriving in 1969.

What is a good sentence for the word terrace?

Terraces is a noun. Therefore, it is used as the subject or object of a sentence. The terraces were on the sunny side of the building. Lucinda read her book on the terraces.