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There is no specific or singular program in Linux to "open an audio file." Just as in Windows, there are a large variety of media players to choose from. These include Amarok, Rhythmbox, Juk, VLC, MPlayer, Banshee, and Audacious.

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Q: What is the special software used in Linux to open an audio file?
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What is the special software that a user needs in order to listen to an audio file on a computer called?

You will need a media player software application to listen to an audio file on a computer. That are many different types of media player software applications that you can download for this purpose to your computer.

Can someone suggest a software that tunes down or tunes up the audio output of a computer. One example is the RealTek's audio software but it's only copatible with their hardware?

Audacity, an open source application for Windows, Mac and Linux can change the pitch of a file. It is available for free at

What is the software used to listen to an audio file on your computer?


How do you edit a file in Linux?

By using whatever tool is associated with that file type. There are dozens of text, graphics, audio, and video editors.

Can I download the software for audio file converter?

Any type of audio file converter can be downloaded. The software is available for download in plenty of places online. There are also some online audio converters for use with sites such as Youtube, if you're uncomfortable downloading.

What has the author Carla Schroder written?

Carla Schroder has written: 'The book of Audacity' -- subject(s): Digital audio editors, Audacity (Computer file) 'Linux Networking Cookbook (Linux)' -- subject(s): Computer networks, Linux 'Curso De Linux/ Linux Cookbook'

How to run the audio file copied from a CD on a computer using windows operating system?

It depends on what you mean by "run the audio file copied from a CD." If you mean you copied a track straight off a CD onto your computer's hard drive then you have two choices: create a virtual CD-ROM drive to play the track; or, two, convert the audio file to a format the media player you have on your PC can play (mp3, wma, etc.). In either case you'll need special software to create the virtual drive or to convert the audio file for playing. If neither option is for you then you should still be able to play your audio CD from your CD-ROM drive using the default audio software that came with Windows.

When you create a device special file in what folder should it be stored in Linux?

Usually they are stored in /dev

Which software is best to eliminate background noise in a movie file?

The best way to eliminate unwanted noise in a video file is to separate the audio into its own file and run it through filters in an audio editing program like Sound Forge.

How do you view files on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux partition from Windows XP and vice versa?

There is plenty of software which allows Linux to work with NTFS file system. For windows there is not as much. But I think Acronis "Backup and Recovery" allows you to read Linux file systems under windows.

How can you convert a window media audio mp3 to audio?

The web is full of applications that convert an audio file from .wma to .mp3 or if you have professional software for audio editing then simply import the wma track and save it as a mp3.

What are programs designed to play audio and video files?

a player software and an appropriate codec the file is compressed