What is the standard acceptable time for intercourse?

First and foremost, if you are worried about time during sexual intercourse you, your partner or both maybe be doing something incorrectly. Sex is not supposed to be a race to the finish line. It is not zero to orgasm in 15.2 minutes. A few factors must be examined in relation to "how long" the act will take. 1. Do you know your partner's body? If you are unfamiliar with your partner's wants and needs foreplay may take a bit longer? If you know your partner's body like the balance of your checking account then maybe not so long. A touch here - here, here, and here - kiss here, etc, etc, etc...the engine is warmed up and ready. 2. Are you a good lover? This can work many ways in the time factor. Either you know EXACTLY what to do and where and you can bring your partner to climax in record time OR you have a complete lack of skill and your partner fakes an orgasm to be done with you OR you are so incredibly wonderful your partner doesn't want it to end. 3. Do you pay attention to your partner? Pay attention to how your partner responds to what you do to him/her. Otherwise, you will waste alot of time getting NOWHERE. If you are hammering away in an attempt to break concrete when your partner wants smooth, slow and sensual...well this ride may be your last. WORD OF ADVICE: Pay attention to your partner, have fun, be safe and ignore the clock!