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if you mean the standard measurment, it is ohms ( Ω)

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The standard unit of eletrical resistance is?

The standard measuring unit for resistance is ohm.

What is a standard resistance?

Resistance on constant value

What is standard measurement of resistance?


What is the standard unit for resistance?

The standard unit of resistance is the ohm (with a lower case 'o'), named after the German physicist Georg Simon Ohm.

Why do the standard resistance are made of magnin?

due to high resistance and low temprature coefficient

What is the allowable earth pit resistance standard?


Why magnet is used for making standard resistance coil?

magnet produce emf it maintain the resistance as same

What is the cause of resistance and how the resistance of wire can be determind?

Resistance in any conductor is inherent in nature. Some conductor has less some have more comparatively. The resistance is measured in Ohms using a standard multimetr

What are the units for Resistance?

The units for resistance is Ohm (Ω).The standard unit of resistance is the ohm (with a lower case 'o'), named after the German physicist Georg Simon Ohm.

What is the standard followed for insulation resistance?

IEC 60167 describes the methods of test for the determination of insulation resistance of solid insulating materials

Is electrical resistance and electrical resistivity the same?

No. Resistivity is a material property, and is defined as the resistance for a piece of material of some standard size.

What is a resistance standard?

A resistance standard is an extremely precise accurate resistor. They are typically used for calibration or laboratory purposes. They are commerically available from 100 microohms (0.0001 ohms) - 100 Terraohm (100,000,000,000,000 ohms) and are typically stable to 1-100 ppm per year for single value resistors depending on resistance and cost. See links for a commercial example of available resistance standards.

What is the resistance of a 60.0 W light bulb in a household circuit roughly?

Power = (voltage)2/ResistanceResistance = (voltage)2/(Power)The standard household voltage in North America is 117 V.Resistance = (117)2/(60) = 228 ohms (rounded)

The opposition to the flow of electrons in an electric circuit?

That is called resistance. The standard SI unit is the Ohm.

Why tunnel diode are used in negative resistance region?

because that the tunnel diode is a standard pn junction diode in many respect except its highly doped pn junction so it has some characteristics in the negative resistance region another that its a standard diode

Why does the shutter on a digital camera depend on resistance change?

That doesn't come standard, probably a factory defect.

What is the unit of measurement for measuring resistance?

The standard unit of electrical resistance is the "Ohm", written as the Greek capital Omega ( Ω ). 1 Ohm = 1 volt per ampere .

What are the two ways of decreasing current in a standard test circuit?

Increase the resistance (ohms) Decrease the voltage (Volts)

What will happen to voltage divider circuit if emitter resistance is greater than collector resistance?

The gain of a class A, common emitter BJT amplifier, a fairly standard configuration, is defined as collector resistance divided by emitter resistance, or as hFe, whichever is less. Assuming that we are operating in a linear mode, and hFe is not a limiting factor, then the emitter resistance being greater than the collector resistance simply means that the gain is less than one.

The total resistance of a circuit with three 30 ohm resistors in parallel is ohms?

If the parallel resistors are equal, then the total resistance (in this case, with three resistors) will decrease by a factor of 3. I suggest you verify this with the standard formula for parallel resistance: 1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2 + 1/R3, replacing the value 30 for R1, R2, and R3, and calculating R, the combined resistance.

From copper and manganin which has higher resistance?

The question is actually wrong, they can both have the same resistance if configured differently, the real question should be which has a higher resistivity which is the electrical resistance found in a standard amount of each material. In this case Manganin has a higher resistivity than copper.

What is the opposition to the flow of electrons is called?

Resistance, or electrical resistanceResistance, or electrical resistanceResistance, or electrical resistanceResistance, or electrical resistance

Carbon resistors are not available in market of each number of resistance why?

carbon resistors of standard values are manufactured because other values can be obtained by series and parallel combination of standard values. Moreover even standard values do not offer exact Resistance's will have tolerance

What ia Standard of dc loop resistance of copper cable?

It depends on the length of th cable and the diameter of the copper cable used.

Why can chlamydia be cured with antibiotics?

Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that has not developed antibiotic resistance to date. For this reason, it's curable with standard antibiotics.