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Q: What is the standard height of overflow in bathtub?
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What is the standard height of bathtub from the floor?

knock, knock...whos there? bathtub...bathtub who? i dont know.

How many cups of un cooked popcorn does it take to fill a normal sized bath tub?

672 cupsA standard bathtub holds 42 gallons when it is filled up to the overflow.16 cups = gallon672 cups = 42 gallons = one standard bathtub

Where does a waste and overflow set go?

Its your bathtub drain.

What is an overflow in a bathtub?

Typically right under the faucet in a bathtub is a round metal piece with holes. This is an overflow outlet. It connects to the bathtub drain. If water rises over that disk, it will go through the your tub does not fill completely and overflow the edge of the tub. The overflow prevents accidental flooding of the bathroom.

How do you spell overflow?

You spelled it correctly, but in case you need it again: Overflow In a sentence: I overflowed my bathtub. Hope this helps! :)

What is a porcelator?

A Porecelator is the American equivalent of an overflow outlet on a bathtub or sink.

The correct measurement of the water in the bathtub?

As long as it's below the overflow, it's 'correct' .

What is the length of a standard bathtub?

The standard bathtub is 5 feet long x 30 to 32 inches wide.

What is the height of mixer valve for a bathtub?


How does a bathtub overflow work?

A quick way would be to drop into a plumbing supply store. They often have tubs on display with the overflow drain hooked up. You will be able to see where the overflow water goes down the drain. Des Perado

What does operating capacity for a bathtub mean?

It is the volume of water that the tub can hold until the water reaches the overflow hole.

What is the width of a standard bathtub?

32 inches