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americanNPT pipe thread i want how much taper it has depends on the pipe size/diameter

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Q: What is the standard thread length on a pipe?
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Is a water hose male end a pipe thread?

No, it's not standard pipe thread.

What thead is water pipe?

There are different standards depending on where you are. BSP, which is British Standard Pipe thread, is a fine thread used as an international standard

What is the thread angle for American National Standard pipe thread is?

60 degrees

What is the fulform of BSPT?

British standard pipe thread

What is the difference between a Rp and a G thread?

They are both the same thread. They are both calling out a British Parallel Pipe thread. Please do not assume that this is the same as the standard North American pipe thread, as it is not close to the same.

What does Npt mean in plumbing?

National Pipe Taper (aka: American National Standard Taper Pipe Thread)

What is the standard length of black pipe?

21 ft.

What does the 'FPT' in FPT end connector stand for?

Female Pipe Thread? FPT = Female Pipe Thread MPT = Male Pipe Thread also seen as FIPT and MIPT (female iron pipe thread and male iron pipe thread).

What is din 65 pipe?

Its metric pipe, can also be thread male or female, din 65 is real close to 2.5" standard

What does FTP in plumbing stand for?

Question is other way round FPT not FTP Female Pipe Thread FPT fittings are equivalent to "National Pipe Thread" (NPT) ones, but different from National Standard Free-Fitting Straight Mechanical Pipe Thread (NPSM) fittings.

What does the term BSP mean with air powered machines?

The term BSP refers to a thread known as British Standard Pipe, there is also BSPT, this is British Standard Pipe Tapered.

American Standard Pipe threads Has anyone ever called it out as an ASPT 2.00?

no its just called ASPT or NPT= National Pipe thread

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