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the voltage of a laptop charger is in between fifteen to twenty four voltage.

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Q: What is the standard voltage of a laptop charger?
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Is it possible to exchange the toshiba laptop charger with the Lenovo laptop charger. will that be a problem?

Yes, if the output voltage and ampage are the same, at the same time, the dc connector is the same. Otherwise don't use a toshiba laptop charger to plug in a lenovo laptop charger.

How can i charge my car battery from home using a laptop charger?

Sorry, but that is not likely to work. Both the voltage and amperage provided by a charger for a laptop battery will not be correct for a car battery. It is likely that you will damage the charger.

What feature is provided by an auto-switching power supply on a laptop?

Auto switching usually refers to the input voltage being automatically selected, therefore one on a laptop probably means you can use multiple charger units with it or it selects its own mains charger voltage.

Can any laptop charger charge toshiba laptop?

No, your charger will have to be a Toshiba charger

How much voltage of output usually a battery charger prouduce?

A: that is no standard or establish output from each charger. However the charger must provide the maximum current necessary to charge the battery and the voltage must always be more then the battery when has reached full charge

What does input volts and output volts mean?

The terminology would typically reference a device such as a power supply, charger, diverter or transformer. The Input Voltage is the voltage supplied to the device to make it work. The Output Voltage is what the device supplies to an application. For example, a power supply for a laptop might convert 120 VAC to a voltage like 19.5 volts (A Sony Laptop) for charging a laptop battery.

If u buy a laptop does it have the battery charger and the charger?

the battery charger and the charger are the same thing. the charger charges the battery and the laptop runs off the power from the battery. hope this helps

Can you charge a 18v battery with a 12v charger?

NO, voltage of the charger must match the battery voltage.

Are you able to buy a new charger for a laptop?

Yes , user can buy laptop charger on low price also and charger are easily available on stores.

How many volts does a 7.2 volt charger put out?

Without knowing the maximum output current it was designed to produce it isn't possible to say exactly how much voltage a charger produces. Also, was it intended to give a slow or a fast charge? In general all that can be said is that the output voltage of a battery charger must always be slightly higher than the nominal voltage of the battery it was designed to charge. This is for the simple reason that it won't be able to put any charge into the battery unless the charger's "on-load" voltage is higher than the battery's voltage. For the same reason, a charger which can deliver a high output current (amps) will need a higher "on-load" output voltage than a charger which can only deliver a low current. Also, when it is switched on but is not connected to a battery, the output voltage of any charger will always be higher than when it is doing its job of charging a battery. That voltage is called the "no-load" voltage. Assuming the battery being charged is a standard low-voltage type, of less than, say, 24 volts DC, it is quite safe, using a standard electrician's voltmeter, to measure the load and no-load voltages of the charger as described above.

Where is your Laptop charger?

pluged into my laptop where else would it be?

What are laptop adaptors?

the charger for your laptop. no idea why its called that though