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In God We Trust

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What is the Florida State Motto?

The Florida State Motto is 'In God We Trust'.

What is the state Motto in Florida?

The Florida state motto is "In God We Trust"

What is the motto of Northwest Florida State College?

Northwest Florida State College's motto is 'Educatio Optima'.

What is the state motto of flordia?

The Florida state motto is "In God we trust"

What is Florida's motto?

The motto of the state Florida is "In God We Trust"

What is state motto of Florida?

Florida's motto is "In God we trust".

When was Florida motto establish?

Florida's state motto "In God We Trust" was adopted by the Florida legislature as part of the state seal in 1868.

What is Florida slogan or motto?

Florida lists its nickname as "The Sunshine State"; their unofficial motto is "In God We Trust".

What is Florida state motto?

In God We Trust

Florida state motto?

In God we trust

What Florida state motto?

"In God we Trust"

What is the town motto for Fort Myers Florida?

In God We Trust is the Florida state motto. First person to answer this question

What is on the center of the Florida of flag?

The Great Seal Of The State Of Florida with the motto

Why is Florida's state motto In God We Trust?

Because the State Congress decided that Florida should have the most common motto. The motto is on US coins,too.

Name the state bird or motto or flower of Florida?

* The State Flower is the Orange Blossom. * The State Motto is In God We Trust. * The State Bird is the Northern Mockingbird.

Why did florida decide there state motto and when?

Florida chose the 'In God We Trust' motto because the history of the state involved so many different countries but the trust in God remained the same. The motto was adopted in 2006 but has been on the state seal since 1868.

What does the motto on the state seal read Florida?

it is in god we trust

What is the motto of Spanish Florida?

The motto of Spanish Florida is 'Plus ultra (motto)'.

What is the motto of Florida?

The motto of Florida is "In god we trust

What is the motto of jacksonville Florida?

Where Florida Begins is their motto.

What is the motto of Florida Student Association?

Florida Student Association's motto is 'My Florida. My Future.'.

What does Floridas the state seal represent?

it represents the state Florida. In god we trust is the state motto. the ray of sun represents the nickname, the sunshine state. land and water is Florida and the boat is just a decoration. the seal is just a small way of representing Florida. :)

What is Florida College's motto?

The motto of Florida College is 'Learning, Living, Leading His Way'.

What is the motto of Florida Atlantic University?

The motto of Florida Atlantic University is 'Where Tomorrow Begins'.

What is Florida Gateway College's motto?

The motto of Florida Gateway College is 'Your hometown college'.

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