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What is the state of the hazelnut?

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The hazelnut is the state nut of Oregon.

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What is the state nut of Virginia?


Why is the hazelnut Oregons state nut?

99% of it is grown in Oregon

Is there a state recipe for Oregon?

Yes there is, it is Chocolate Hazelnut Cake

What is hazelnut called in Marathi?


What Tamil name for Hazelnut?


What is hazelnut called in BENGALI?


How big is a hazelnut?

A hazelnut is about 1 inch

Only state with official state nut?

Oregon is usually thought to be the only state with an official state nut (the hazelnut), but Alabama also has one.

What does it mean that u r a hazelnut?

When said aloud, U= you, R= are. So Ura hazelnut means: "You are a hazelnut"

Is a hazel the same as a hazelnut?

The hazel is the bush the hazelnut is grown on.

What nut has a name that starts with the letter h?

It is a hazelnut.

What is hazelnut in Tamil called?

Jathipathri is the Tamil word for hazelnut.

How is hazelnut coffee made?

A hazelnut coffee is made from just a few simple ingredients. If one combines cream, black coffee, and hazelnut flavoring syrup, a perfect hazelnut coffee will be created.

Is a hazelnut the same as a brazilnut?

No. Hazelnut is a filbert. They grow in Oregon. Brazilnuts do not.

What is the word 'hazelnut' when translated from English to Japanese?


What is Oregon's state food?

Oregon has a state fruit which is the pear. It has a state mushroom called the Pacific Golden Chanterelle. Oregon also has a state nut called hazelnut or filbert.

What state's official state nut is hazelnut?

Oregon. It is one of the only two states that has an Official State nut. Alabama's Official State nut is the Pecan. -Official State

Cut back trunks on native hazelnut?

If you want to. Hazelnut coppices well.

How many calories are in one hazelnut?

One hazelnut contains approximately 8.8 calories.

How do you pronounce hazelnut in Spanish?

hazelnut = avellana (Pronounced ah-bail-YAH-nah)

How many years for a hazelnut bush to fruit?

How soon after hazelnut bushes are planted will they bear fruit

Does Starbucks make a hazelnut latte?

Yes they make a french vanilla latte with hazelnut but you have to ask for it.

Why is the hazelnut the official state nut of Oregon?

Oregon grows 99 percent of the entire U.S. commercial crop of hazelnuts.

Is hazelnut a dried fruit?

Hazelnut is a type of nut, and as such does not need drying. See the Web Link to the left.

Is hazelnut a nut?


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