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There are actually two statutes of limitations for music piracy. One is the civil statute of limitations, which is how long you can be sued by the music company, which is 3 years. The other is the criminal statute of limitations, which is how long you can face criminal prosecution for the crime of music piracy (copyright infringement), which is 5 years. These two statutes of limitation are found in 17 USC §507.

Note that the fact that you kept the music collection is irrelevant. Courts have ruled that piracy is not a "continuing tort;" what this means is that the statute of limitations starts at the time you commit the theft. Therefore, you can be sued for 3 years or prosecuted for 5 years after you have stolen music, even if you HAD deleted the music.

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Is Offenbach's music past the statute of limitations?

Statutes of limitations apply to crimes or civil actions. However, Offenback died in 1880, his music would no longer be under copyright.

What is the statute of limitation on music?

Statute of limitations only apply to criminal or civil proceedings. They do not apply to intellectual property such as music. In most cases the copyright on a song is valid for 70 years after the death of the writer.

Is music piracy illegal?

yes! :(

Is Music Piracy Stealing?


Who does music piracy harm?

The musicians who are trying to make a living off the royalties from their music, and the distributors who market the music for them. Music piracy is no different than any other kind of theft.

How much music piracy is there?

As much as there are people in the world with computers and internet connection who don't like the high prices of music. There is about 879 music piracy. Give or take.

Consequences of music piracy?

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Why do people do it Software and Music Piracy?

To get free softwares and music, dude, it's simple!

Does piracy only affect signed bands?

no as piracy gives away music for free, the music companies have less profit, meaning the companies are willing to sign less acts.

List three consequences of music piracy?

um yea it would suck to get caught using piracy...just DONT DO IT!

What are three consequences of music piracy?


Three consequences of music piracy?

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Are there any films about the issue of piracy illegal downloading?

Yes there are many issues about piracy of music and movies. Napster and LimeWire were shut down.

What is film and music piracy?

Copying and distributing films and recordings without permission is referred to as "piracy." A more exact term would be copyright infringement.

When was Halloween Music Collection created?

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What is software and music piracy?

It is when a program or music is taken and used without buying it first. The creator of that music or software does not get the money for their work. It is stealing software or music.

What is the complete subject of the sentence 'There is a large collection of music manuscript. '?

A large collection of music manuscript.

Is piracy a theft?

Yes, piracy is considered theft. The term is usually used in conjunction with intellectual property, such as software or music. It can also mean services, such as internet connections or cable. In the 'Jack Sparrow' type piracy, it is out and out armed robbery.

What is definition of computer piracy?

The definition of piracy is to acquire media such as: Movies, films, music, pictures and applications through the use of illegal methods (downloading content that is not free).

When was Complete Music Video Collection created?

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When was The Smithsonian Collection of Classic Country Music created?

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Are there sites for downloading free MP3 music?

Yes, there are websites for downloading free MP3 music on the Internet. This may nonetheless amount to music piracy depending on the country.

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