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Q: What is the step by step process of sharing your Super Secret Base in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire?
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What secret Pokemon can you catch in Pokemon Sapphire?


How do you get a secret base in Pokemon sapphire?

you need a Pokemon that knows secret power use that move to make your secret base

Were do you use secret power in Pokemon diamond?

you don't. you use it in Pokemon sapphire to make your secret base.

What are the small indents in the wall for on Pokemon Sapphire?

well they are secret bases but you need to teach one of ur Pokemon secret power(tm43), and u can get it in slateport city at the open market!(In Pokemon Sapphire).

Where to you find jolteon in Pokemon sapphire?

in the secret citey mcors citey

How do you get a secret base in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You can't get a secret base in Pokemon LeafGreen version. You can only make one in Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald.

Who do you get secret Pokemon in Pokemon Sapphire version?

some secret Pokemon aren't real like Freeza or Deserta thats just regirock and regice you can catch them by watching on youtube MunchingOranges' pokemon sapphire walkthrough but first you MUST POST HALL OF FAME :)

What is a secret base in Pokemon?

on sapphire/emerald this one boy gives you the move secret power. use it to make a secret base!

How can you go to the secret islands in Pokemon sapphire?

If you mean the 9 islands its in Firered or Leafgreen.

Where is secret power in Pokemon sapphire?

you can get it from somewhere....but you can also buy secret power (TM43) from the slateport market....the one on the right

What is the duration of Sharing the Secret?

The duration of Sharing the Secret is 1.5 hours.

Where is the TM secret power on Pokemon sapphire?

You can go and buy it. Hidden power and secret power can be bought from a person (I don't remember where he/she is).

Where can you buy secret power in Pokemon sapphire?

next to a guy standing next to a big tree

Is there a secret cave by battle tower in Pokemon Sapphire version and if there is where is it?

No there isn't. The cave is in Pokémon Emerald

When was Sharing the Secret created?

Sharing the Secret was created on 2000-05-10.

Whd do you open the secrit caves n Pokemon Sapphire?

you open them by teaching a pokemon secret power and then tap A next to the indent.

Where is TM43 Secret power?

in Pokemon diamond and pearl just go on your udventure and you will find it but in Pokemon sapphire,ruby it's hard to get it

Where are the fossils in Pokemon Sapphire?

the upper right of the desert north of mauville. There were also be a place for a secret base

How do you get to the secret area in the safari zone Pokemon sapphire?

When you win Elite 4 and the Champion Wallace/Steven.

Where do you find salamance in Pokemon Sapphire?

You must find a Bagon in a secret room in the meteor falls and train it.

How do you read the braille in the secret chambers in sapphire?

A person can read the braille in the Secret Chambers in Pokemon Sapphire by translating the braille to the corresponding letters of the alphabet. A person will be required to dig to reach the appropriate area of the chamber.

In Pokemon Emerald where do you buy a TV for secret base?

Unfortunately there is no TV in Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald for a secret base. Many people worldwide will be upset. :(

How do you drop the vines on the tree in Pokemon sapphire?

If you have or have taught a pokemon the move Secret Power, you can use it on those vine trees, notches in cave walls, and big bushes to turn them into a secret base.

How do you make secret base in clumps of grass in Pokemon sapphire?

Stand at the front of the clump of grass and press A but you must have a Pokemon with you that knows the move secret power and it should ask you if you want to create a secret base there. Hope it helps :)

How do you move the clumps of grass to get inside in Pokemon sapphire?

firstly use cut then by using secret power (its a TM)