What is the study of gardening?

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Q: What is the study of gardening?
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What is the study of weeds called?


What is the scientific study of gardening called?


What has the author Samuel Broadfoot McCready written?

Samuel Broadfoot McCready has written: 'Education for co-operation' -- subject(s): Country life, Agriculture, Rural development 'Gardening for schools' -- subject(s): School gardens, Nature study, Study and teaching, Gardening

What has the author Kary Cadmus Davis written?

Kary Cadmus Davis has written: 'The new agriculture for high schools' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Project method in teaching, Study and teaching 'Productive farming' -- subject(s): Agriculture 'Horticulture' -- subject(s): Vegetable gardening, Gardening, Fruit-culture, Gardening. 'The new agriculture' -- subject(s): Agriculture, Project method in teaching, Study and teaching 'Productive plant husbandry' -- subject(s): Agriculture

What has the author Peter Henderson written?

Peter Henderson has written: 'Gardening for pleasure' -- subject(s): Gardening, Vegetable gardening, Fruit-culture 'Gardening for profit' -- subject(s): Vegetable gardening 'Gardening for profit ...'

What has the author Lynn M Steiner written?

Lynn M. Steiner has written: 'The complete guide to Northeast gardening' -- subject(s): Gardening 'The complete guide to upper Midwest gardening' -- subject(s): Gardening 'The complete guide to Western Plains gardening' -- subject(s): Gardening 'Landscaping with native plants of Michigan' -- subject(s): Landscape gardening, Native plant gardening, Native plants for cultivation 'The American prairie garden' -- subject(s): Prairie gardening, Grasses, Perennials, Low maintenance gardening 'The complete guide to lower Midwest gardening' -- subject(s): Gardening

What is Horticology?

the study of gardening and plant cultivation.

Is gardening an adverb?

No. Garden (and gardening) are nouns. There is no adverb form of gardening.

When do you start gardening?

The best time to start gardening is when you see the spring roll around then start gardening.

What are prefix or suffix for garden?


What has the author Susan McClure written?

Susan McClure has written: 'Choosing Perennials (Marshall Gardening Guides)' 'The Greater Cleveland garden guide' -- subject(s): Gardening, Directories, Horticulture, Guidebooks, Natural resources, Study and teaching, Gardens, Societies 'The herb gardener' -- subject(s): Herbs, Herb gardening 'Preserving Summer's Bounty' 'Easy-care perennial gardens' -- subject(s): Designs and plans, Garden borders, Design, Gardens, Beds (Gardens), Perennials 'The Herb Gardener' -- subject(s): Herbs, Herb gardening 'The midwest gardener's book of lists' -- subject(s): Landscape gardening, Landscape plants '365 down-to-earth gardening hints and tips' -- subject(s): Miscellanea, Gardening 'Culinary gardens' -- subject(s): Design, Edible Plants, Edible landscaping, Gardens, Herb gardening, Plants, Edible, Vegetable gardening 'Seeds and propagation' -- subject(s): Plant propagation, Seeds

Where can I get some information on indoor gardening?

You can get information on indoor gardening at You can also visit