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nerolinguistics is the study of if someone is lying

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Q: What is the study of lying called?
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What is lying disease called?

Pseudologia fantastica or mythomania, commonly called pathological lying.

Can you study lying in an university?

Absolutely...major in political science.

What is misleading and lying called?


Lying in court is called what?


What are low lying lands called?

Some low lying land types are:ValleyFarewellMarshLow pointHollowLow-lying areaSheltered spotCrooner JerryDellLow-lying wetland

What is a low lying land between hills or mountains called?

A low lying land between hills or mountains is called a valley

What is cheating in a relationship called?

It's called cheating... lying.

What is the scientific study of plants called?

The scientific study of plants is called botany. People who study botany are called botanists.

What is lying under oath called?


What is Lying under oath is called?


What are the people called that can tell if your lying?

a wizard

What is lying face upward called?


What are low-lying islands called?


What is a lying-in-state bier called?


What is the study of transcription called?

It is called the study of transcription

The study of rocks?

The study of rocks is is called geology but a person who study's them is called a petrologist

What is the study of plant and animal cells called?

study of plant is called botany study of plants is called zoology

What are low lying stretches of flat land called?

Low lying area with large stretches of land

What is the study of heredity called?

The study of heredity is called cells

What is the study of bones called?

The study of bones is called Osteology.

What is the study of the universe called?

The study of the universe is called "Cosmology".

What is the study of caves called?

The study of caves is called Speleology.

What is the study of medicine called?

The study of medicine is called pharmacology.

What is the study of stupidity called?

The study of stupidity is called monology.

What is the study of handwriting called?

The study of handwriting is called graphology.

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