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The study of Algae and Seaweed.

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Q: What is the study of phycology?
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What phycology deals with?

Phycology is the study of algae and seaweed.

What is Phycology?

The study of Algae and Seaweed.

What is the study of algae called?

Phycology or algology is the term for the study of algae.

How can you use phycology in a sentence?

"The study of phycology includes the analysis and observations of seaweed and other different types of algae."

What is educational phycology?

Educational psychology is a branch of psychology with a scientific study of human learning.

What gcse do you need to study phycology?

English Lit or English Lang with a B grade, Biology with a B Grade

Who is gregorio velasquez?

Gregorio Velasquez- was a Professor of botany in the University of the Philippines. He was known for his pioneering research in phycology, or the study of blue algae

What degree does a phycologist need?


How much does a doctor of phycology make?

None... Doctors of Phycology generally can't make it through the first year English requirement course.

Which branch of botany deals with algae?

Phycology is the study of algae. Some engineers look at algae as a source of biomass for fuel. Amazingly there are over 2,000 types of algae.

What is the definition of phycology?

The branch of botany dealing with algae

What is the study of aquatic mammal?

The study of aquatic mammals is mostly marine biology and zoology. It is partly ichthyology. It is the studies of the order cetacea (the order of marine mammals) some people call it cetacenology.

What is the invention of Gregorio Velasquez?

Gregorio Tiongson Velasquez (September 2, 1901-July 29,1989) was Professor Emeritus of botany in the University of the Philippines. He was known for his pioneering research in phycology, or the study of algae.

How many branches of marine biology are there?

Marine biology is the scientific study of organisms in the ocean or other marine bodies of water. There are a few sub fields, including phycology, invertebrate zoology, and ichthyology.

What classes are needed to become a lawyer?

sociolegy, thriology and phycology

What does physycology mean?

It means nothing. It is not a word.Psychology comes from the Greek 'Psychi' which means soul, and 'logia' which literally means reasons. It's the study of the soul.Physiology is from the Greek 'Physis' (nature) and logia (study of) - so the study of nature or living organisms.Phycology is fom 'Phykos' (seaweed) / study of - the study of algae and a sub-division of marine botany.

Branches of botany are?

Agronomy, Bryology, Forestry, Horticulture, Paleobotany, Palynology and Phycology.

In Dewey decimal system what is under 100-199?


How much can you earn as a associate's degree in phycology?

You need to further your degree to make a profession out of it so you can be a psychologist.

What do you do to get a degree as a police officer?

Go to college and get a degree in Criminal Justice or Phycology Bachelors or Associates . Simple as that.

Mention 25 branches of biology?

zoology-study of animalsBotany- study of plantsMycology-study of fungibiochemistry-study of chemicalstaxonomy- study of classificationornithology- study of birdsmicrobiology-study of micro organismsphysiology-study of functionscytology-study of cellsphycology-study of algaeanatomy- study of structureecology-study of ecosystemmammalogy-study of reptilesichthyology- study of fishescryobiology- study of the lowering temperatureentomology- study of insectsethology- study of animal behaviorpathology- study of diseasesvirology - study of virusespalaeontology- study of fossilsparasitology- study of parasites

What is a gestalt mind?

In the related links box below I posted the gestalt phycology article for you. there is everything you need to know.

Birthday of gregorio velasquez?

Gregorio T. Velasquez was known as the Father of Phycology in the Philippines. He was born on September 2, 1901.

What are the five sub branches of botany?

algology, mycology, palaeobotany [Brit, Cdn], paleobotany [N. Amer], phycology, pomology, pteridology.

What has the author Robert Edward Lee written?

Robert Edward Lee has written: 'Phycology' -- subject(s): Algology