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Dentists and Orthodontists are two areas dealing with the study of teeth. However, if you are looking for a term for the study of teeth, such as how Biology is the study of life, then according to Google, it is Dentition.

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Study of teeth?


What are the sciences that study teeth?

The sciences that study teeth are mainly dentistry and orthodontistry. Others are biology, anatomy and paleontology.

What is the study of teeth called?


What is the study of the teeth called?


What do you study to be a dental assistant?


What is the science of an orthodontist?

Ortho means "mouth" and "teeth" and Othodonics is the study of "mouth" and "teeth" so and orthodontist is someone who studies "mouth" and "teeth".

What is the study of dentistry dealing with correction of abnormal teeth?

This is called the study of Ondontology and the Doctor of Ondontology is called an Ondontologist.

The study dinosaur teeth bones eggs and tracks is called?


What is the study of evidence using teeth in a criminal case?

Forensic Dentistry.

Is there a connection between worms and grinding teeth?

Not at all, not in any scientific study.

What forensic odontology is the study of?

Teeth. When a body is left in an unidentifiable state, the odontologists identify the person by looking at his/her dental records, his/her teeth, etc.

What fossil discovery of Spinosaurus teeth proved that they were hollow?

I'm afraid I don't have the answer to the precise study that proves it, but there are many images available of dissected or otherwise broken Spinosaurus teeth that reveal that they were hollow. fossil jaw fragments with broken teeth reveal that they were hollow. But the precise study, I'm searching for that myself.

Why you study dental anatomy?

I don't but i suppose people would because they like teeth

What The study of teeth is called?

Definitions of odontology on the Web:dentistry: the branch of medicine dealing with the anatomy and development and diseases of the teethDentistry is the "evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and/or treatment (nonsurgical, surgical or related procedures) of diseases, disorders and/or conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area and/or the adjacent and associated structures and their impact on the human body".The scientific study of the teeth.odontologist - One who practices the science of teeth.

What do orthodontists study?

Orthadontists help people with their teeth- usually by fitting braces and similar things

Study dinosaur teeth bones eggs and tracks?

Paleontologists (the ones who specialize in dinosaur science, anyway) are the ones who study these subjects, if that's what you're asking.

Study The Mouth?

When training to be a dentist, it is best to study the teeth and areas of the mouth as much as possible. Search online for information concerning different diseases of the mouth and conditions that you may encounter as a dentist. This will help you when you finish your training if you see patients who have not taken care of their teeth.

How does the structure of teeth complement their function?

Teeth are hard so that they can cut, tear, and break apart food.well this is the answe they give if you are doing study island hi brooke bee

What causes Pulp Stones in teeth?

A recent study by researchers of the United States found that the cause of Pulp Stones in teeth are micro organisms called nanobacteria to be responisble for these pulp stones.

What is an osteoarchaeologist?

Osteoarchaeologists study the teeth and bones of humans from archaeological populations to discover things about their diet, lifestyle and health.

How do scientists learn about extinct animals?

Through the science of archiology. They dig up the bones and other remains of animals, reassemble them kinda like a 3-D jigsaw puzzle, and study the skeletal sructure of the animal. This gives a lot of general information. They then study individual parts of the skeleton to learn some more detailed things. The teeth for instance will tell if they were an herbavore (with flat grinding teeth), a carnavor (with sharp cutting teeth), or an omnivor, with a combination of types of teeth (like humans have)

Who found the trannosaurus rex?


What is the definition of dental science?

Dental science, or dentistry, is the study of diseases that relate to the mouth. Dental science focuses on the teeth in particular.

What is forensic deontology?

Forensic Deontology is Forensic Dentistry in simple terms. They study the teeth of a dead body. Helps to identify the body.

How do paleontolgists learn about what dinosaurs ate?

Looking at their teeth is the first clue. Different kinds of teeth are used for chewing vegitation and different ones are use for eating meat. In some cases they can actually study the dried contents of their stomachs.