What is the study of volcanoes called?


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The study of volcanoes is volcanology.

The study of volcanoes is called volcanology. Volcanologists are the people who study volcanoes. A volcano is very unpredictable but volcanologists can use different tools to study them and help to predict eruptions.


It's Vulcanolog [y / ist] - with a "u".


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The study of volcanoes is called Volcanology.

The study of earthquakes: seismologyVolcanoes: volcanologyBoth: geology

Scientists who study volcanoes are called vulcanologists

,People who study volcanoes are called Vulcanologist. They study lava, magma, and related geological objects and findings around volcanos.

Either volcanology or vulcanology.

The study of volcanoes is volcanology.

vulcanology, also spelled volcanology.

They study Volcanology they are called volcanologists.

A vulcanologist. Seismologists study earthquakes.

Scientists study Volcanoes so, they can predict when they will erupt.

Volcanologist. Volcanologists - It is a sub-science of geology.

They are called volcanologists. It is a subset of geology.

Volcanologist is the study of volcanoes.

Geologists study volcanoes in an attempt to predict future eruptions.

study volcanoes to know when they will erupt to save people's lives and some like to study volcanoes to learn more about tectonic plate movement.

They are called VULCANOLOGISTS. The origin of that name is from Vulcan, the god of beneficial and hindering fire, including the fire of volcanoes.

Volcanology (or vulcanology) is the study of volcanoes.

Vulcanologists study volcanoes

A person that studies volcanoes is a volcanologist (vol·ca·nol·o·gist)

Scientists study volcanoes because they want to know how and why a volcanoes work.This is complicated stuff. First they research and then they do their own business.

The study of volcanoes.

Tatun volcanoes, chilung volcanoes

The earth scientist most likely to study volcanoes is a volcanologist

Vulcanology is the study of volcanoes.

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