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A course's curriculum includes the reading assignments, the homework, the in- class activities, the exams, and anything else that engages the student in inquiry, critically thinking, and acquisition of new knowledge and/or skills. Hopefully the student will transfer some of the information, skills, and concepts acquired in the course to their long term memory.

The subject matter of the course is simply the information that the student will be exposed to during the class. For example, if you enroll in a Dog Training course the subject matter probably includes canine behavior and successful techniques to use in training your dog. The curriculum would include perhaps a short history on dog training, the pros and cons of different training methods, and the techniques the course's instructor wants the students and their dogs to learn.

If what I wrote is to boring to get through for some readers, I will simplify the difference by analogizing the two with a football analogy.

Football Analogy-SUBJECT MATTER-The 60 minutes of football played. CURRICULUM-The plays, penalties, rules, and positions.

I hope this explanation helps!

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Q: What is the subject matter in the curriculum?
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Will subject matter dictate the approach in curriculum?

Yes, subject matter often dictates the approach in curriculum design. Different subjects may require varying instructional strategies, assessment methods, and learning activities to effectively engage students and achieve desired learning outcomes. Therefore, it is important to tailor the curriculum approach to the specific needs and characteristics of the subject being taught.

Will subject matter dictate the approach of the curriculum?

The subject based organization of curriculum is traditional, and a large number of schools follow this pattern. The curriculum includes different branches of knowledge, known as subjects like history, language, mathematics etc

What is a subject centered curriculum?

Curriculum that is centered around one single subject; normally it will be because it is a curriculum that needs to be focuses on the single subject.

What is subject -centered curriculum?

Curriculum that is centered around one single subject; normally it will be because it is a curriculum that needs to be focuses on the single subject.

What does subject centered mean?

Subject centered curriculum is curriculum that is centered around a single subject, and each subject is taught in its own block of time. In some circles, this type of curriculum is considered archaic in favor of multi-subject curriculum, in which curriculum encompasses interweaving multiple subjects.

What is Subject-Centered Design Model?

Subject centered design model is widely used in the United States. It focuses on the content of the curriculum. The sequence of the lessons follows the logic of the subject matter.

Does a principal with humanistic approach to curriculum emphasize most memorization of subject matter?

No, a principal with a humanistic approach to curriculum would prioritize the development of students' critical thinking, creativity, and problem-solving skills over rote memorization of subject matter. This approach focuses on fostering students' emotional and social growth, self-expression, and individual development.

What is subject curriculum?


What is subject based curriculum?

Subject-based curriculum focuses on organizing learning content around specific subjects or topics, such as math, science, or history. This approach emphasizes deepening understanding within each subject area and often follows a structured sequence of topics to build upon prior knowledge. It is a traditional method of organizing educational content in schools.

What has the author A V Kelly written?

A. V. Kelly has written: 'The curriculum' -- subject(s): Curricula, Education 'Knowledge and curriculum planning' -- subject(s): Curriculum planning

What are the patterns of curriculum organization?

Curriculum organization of the curriculum content, means the process of selecting curriculum elements from the subject, the current social life and the students' experience, then designing the selected curriculum elements appropriately so that they can form the curriculum structure and type. In a narrow sense curriculum organization is the process to change the content into students' learning experiences intentionally, and make learning experiences sequential ,integral, successive after curriculum ideology has been determined, curriculum goal been set, curriculum content been selected. by favour geoffrey or

What are the merit of subject curriculum?