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Q: What is the substance in the brain which causes the kidney to conserve water?
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What is heavier the Brain Heart lung or kidney?


What is a cadaver kidney?

A kidney from a brain-dead organ donor used for purposes of kidney transplantation.

What organ weighs more brain kidney lungs heart?


Which one weighs more brain lungs heart or kidney?


Does the brain control the kidney?

yes the brain controls all parts of the body

What is the treatment for Cystic encephalomalacia?

The only treatment for cystic encephalomalacia is first finding out the underlying causes of the brain consistency and dealing with it. In severe cases, surgery may be needed to remove damaged brain substance.

What causes a brain freeze?

The best way to avoid a brain freeze is to actually hold the offensive liquid against the roof of your mouth. The pain associated with brain freezes is the result of rapid cooling and warming, causing your blood vessels to quickly contract and then dialate. Your body is percieving the rapid temperature change in your mouth as an indication of a dangerously cold environment, and so your blood cells contract to conserve body heat, as the substance is swallowed, your blood cells return to their previous size and it is this oscillation that is so painful. Ever notice how a brain freeze starts AFTER you have swallowed your drink?

What is the brain looking organ in a chicken thigh?


Is neuron the functional unit of the kidney?

No, It is a part of the brain.

What is feedback inibition and when does it occur?

Feedback inhibition is when a substance (usually an enzyme) is released by a particular organ to 'feed-back' to another organ and prevent it producing a particular product or cause it to release more of the product.It occurs in many different systems and organs in the body. It is better understood with use of an example. A simple example is how if an individual is dehydrated and needs to conserve more water then the tubular section of the nephron within the kidney will produce an enzyme that will 'feed back' and causes the secretion of anti-diuretic hormone by the hypothalamus in the brain and water is conserved (more concentrated urine is eliminated)

Does the brain help the kidney?

The brain is the central nervous system of the human body. The brain is responsible for every part of the body.

How can drugs and alcohal impact a persons health?

You can become addicted to both Wich causes kidney, brain, and heart problems. Being addicted will also cause you to lose alotnof money.