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Q: What is the substance produced by mold?
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What is Die and mold?

There are a number of things that you could die an mold. Clay is one substance you can die and mold.

What mold is penicillin produced from?


Penicillin is produced by what?

A form of mold

Is mushroom the greenish blackish substance that grows on stale bread?

No. That substance is called mold.

What gas is produced when substance is produced?

That depends on what substance you are talking about.

What process of mold formation?

Mold is formed by air catching the food or any substance and then it makes Mold form and then you can't touch it! D:

Name a food produced using a mold?


Is pencillin produced by fungus?

pretty much it comes from a mold

What condition in the past produced a mold fossil?

Mud was required.

Does mold frow faster on a wet or dry substance?

It grows faster on a wet substance because its spores reproduce.

Can mold pass through a 0.22 micron filter?

Mold does not pass through a 0.22 micron filter. That's why such a filter can be used to get rid or remove mold from a liquid or substance.

Mold Remediation?

form_title=Mold Remediation form_header=Mold is a dangerous substance to have around the house. Have it promptly removed. Where have you seen mold?=_ What color is the mold?=_ Is there any water damage?= () Yes () No