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The "phobia" part is the suffix. The adjectival form replaces the final 'a' with 'c': '~phobic'.


A sufferer from a phobia is a '~phobe'; so in our example, a 'claustrophobe'.

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Q: What is the suffix of the word claustrophobia?
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How do you make sentence using the word claustrophobia?

I suffer from claustrophobia in elevators.

Words with the suffix phobia?

acrophobia, claustrophobia, etc. There are entire websites dedicated to the question.

What is a sentence with claustrophobia?

His claustrophobia was starting to act up in the airplane. He refused to go into the tunnel because of his claustrophobia.

How do you use the word claustrophobia in a sentence?

He suffers from claustrophobia and is very nervous in elevators. The cramped quarters of a Soviet spacecraft was no place for someone with claustrophobia.

What are the synonyms for claustrophobia?

The synom to that word does not exist

What word has the following letters aaiooubchlprst?


What is the root meaning of claustrophobia?

The root word in Claustrophobia means fear. The root is PHOBIA(which means fear)

What is claustrophobia called what fear of?

Answer Fear of confined spaces. An easy way to remember this is to associate the word "closet" with "Claustrophobia.

What is the prefix of the word claustrophobia?

Claustro- is the prefix to the rest of the word -phobia.

What is the suffix of the word unavoidable?

The suffix of the word unavoidable is able. This is because the suffix of a word is the ending of that word.

What is the suffix word of major?

The suffix is -or. This suffix is comparative.

What is a sentence for chaustrophobia?

You need lots of windows in your house if you have claustrophobia.A dark closet would make a person with claustrophobia crazy.When I went into the mine, I discovered that I had claustrophobia.

What suffix is added to the word treacherous to what word?


What is the suFfix of the word anabolic?

The word anabolic does not have a suffix.

What is the suffix word of the word constitutional?

The suffix is - al.

Is business a suffix word?

is business a suffix word

What word means confined atmosphere that feels suffocating?

the answer is claustrophobia

What is the suffix word of childhood?

There is no suffix word for child hood instead the hood in word is the suffix

Is a suffix at the end of the word or beginning of the word?

A suffix is at the end of a word.

What is the suffix of the word synchronize?

The suffix of synchronize is -ize. The suffix is the bit at the end of the word.

Does the word agreement have prefix or suffix?

The word agreement has a suffix which is "ment"

Does the word question have a suffix?

Yes, the word question has a suffix. The suffix is -tion.

Is a suffix at the beggining of a word?

No, the prefix comes first in a word. It is followed by the suffix (the suffix is the end part of the word).

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