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Glucose is created which is a mono saccharide. Glucose is stored as starch


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The sugar created by photosynthesis is called glucose.

Glucose is the type of sugar that is created from a plant's photosynthesis.

Glucose is the type of sugar that is created from a plant's photosynthesis.

The food substance that is created during photosynthesis is a poduct of sugar.

Sugar is not needed by photosynthesis. Sugar is the product of photosynthesis.

Photosynthesis produces glucose. Glucose is a complex sugar. It is moved from the chloroplasts to the mitochondria. Then ATP is created and used as energy in the cell.

Yes, a simple sugar is created during photosynthesis. This is how the plant creates and uses energy to live on.

Glucose is a form of sugar, created during photosynthesis, and Its chemical makeup C6H12O6.

the sugar produced by photosynthesis is the plants 'food.' it is the point of the process. plants 'do' photosynthesis to get sugar, which they 'consume' in a way.

Sugar is created in photosynthesis, therefore the energy would be light energy from the sun.

Sugars are created during the light independent reactions of photosynthesis. Sugar is the byproduct of the photosynthesis and is a chemical reaction within a plant's cell.

yes, sugar and oxygen is the product of photosynthesis.

Plants produces sugar in photosynthesis.

The sugar produced during photosynthesis is glucose.

The simple sugar needed by the body is glucose, it is also created by photosynthesis in plants.

Sugar is produced in the last stage of photosynthesis, the Calvin cycle.

Cellulose is a sugar Glucose is formed as a result of photosynthesis

Photosynthesis is the process through which plants make their food i.e sugar

photosynthesis? photosynthesis?

yes, it makes sugar because photosynthesis is a process for creating food and oxygen

yes it is because you absorb carbon dioxide and water to produce sugar in photosynthesis.

The main function of photosynthesis is to produce glucose, a sugar, for the your answer is overwhelmingly a yes

Glucose is a form of sugar created through Hexanal. It is synthesized in animals in the liver and kidneys. In plants it is created through photosynthesis.

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