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Q: What is the sum of all chemical activities a living thing performs?
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What is the total of all chemical activities a living thing performs?


What are all the chemical activities in a living thing?


Together all the chemical activities of a living thing are called?


What is the smallest unit of a living thing that performs all life processes?

A Cell

The smallest unit of a living thing that performs all life processes?


Can Water be living or non living?

water is a chemical not a living thing

Does every living thing have a heart?

No, every living thing does not have a heart. Plants are living things, and they do not have hearts. Animals, fish, insects, etc, will have a heart, or another organ that performs the same function.

What is the function of enzymes in living thing?

they help destroy and speed up the chemical reaction on a living thing

What is a living thing that carries out its own life activities called?


Are water living thing?

Water is not a living thing. It's a the chemical compound H2O, which stands for Hydrogen two oxygen.

Is rust on a bucket is a living thing or nonliving thing?

Non living.It is a chemical change.

What is the chemical formula of anthrax?

Anthrax is a living thing (bacteria- Bacillus Anthracis). Not a chemical - so it does not have a chemical formula.

Total of all chemical reactions in a living thing?


What is a non-living thing that has characteristics of a living thing?

One example of a non-living thing that has the qualities of a living thing is a virus. Viruses are actually non-living but if it uses the attaches itself to a living thing like a cell in a human body it is able to carry out activities such as reproduction and digestion using the living organisms biological functions.

How will a stimulus affect a living thing?

obtain energy to carry out varoius activities

What living thing carries your its own life activities?

You will have to rephrase this. Your question is garbled.

Something that performs the same function as a nucleolus?

the same thing that performs the same thing as the nucleolus is the butt

Can chlorine reproduce?

No, chlorine is a chemical element, not a living thing or virus.

What city does Zirconium live in?

Zirconium is a chemical element. It is not a living thing!

What living thing carries out its own life activities?

organism i had trouble with this one two

Is a flame living or nonliving?

A flame is not a living thing. It is a chemical reaction, and chemical reactions are not alive. Likewise, an explosion caused by two chemicals (that create a chemical reaction when they are mixed) - the explosion is not alive.

How does air in living things cause chemical weathering?

It doesn't. If it is IN a living thing it is not available to cause weathering elsewhere!

A protein that speeds up chemical reactions in a living thing?

Is called an enzyme.

What is a type of protein that speeds up a chemical reaction in a living thing?

an enzyme

When a chemical can't be killed?

You cannot kill chemicals. Chemicals are not a living thing.