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What is the summary of the short story the star?

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i ise sun is a small or ordary star just very close to earth

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What is a story summary?

a story summary is a short description about what it is aboutA summary is the whole story explained in a few simple sentances.

What is the summary of the short story A Friend in Need by W S Maugham?

What is the summary of the short story A Friend in Need

What is the summary of the short story The Enemy?

The summary of the short story "The Enemy" is about a 15 year old who is born and left alone in space.

Are theme and summary the same in writing?

Theme is what the story is about or what you get from the story. A summary is a paragraph or short essay exaplaing about a story.

Short summary of the story Oliver Twist?

You have to that story carefully then you will find the summary too easy.

Short story I'm a fool summary?

summery of the short story i`m a fool

Where can you get a good short story summary?

Wikipedia usually has a good short story summary and it has a page on almost anything, so that would be my suggestion.

What is the synopsis of the short story?

The part that tells you the summary of the story

What is a summary of the short story Rapunzel?

a short summary for repunzel is that one day she finds a prince and they escape

What is the summary of the short story the warriors by Anna lee walters?

Read the story and do the summary. Wiki doesn't do summaries for students.

Summary of short story Von Kempelen and His Discovery?

when and where does this story take place

What is a brief summary on Breathe a Ghost Story?

A brief summary is like a short summary that shows what it will look like in a complete summary

Is a plot like a summary for a story?

The plot is what happens in the story. The summary is a short version of the plot, usually only a few sentences.

Is the plot summary the conclusion?

No. The conclusion is the end of the story -- what happens after the climax. The plot summary is a short re-telling of the entire story.

What is a sentence summary?

A sentence summary is a short paragraph of a story or book with about 5 or more sentences.

Are plot summary and summary alike?

No and yes. A summary is a short version of something. A plot summary is a short version of a plot. Plot is the storyline of a story, the sequence of connected events leading to the ending.

What is a analytical summary?

An analytical summary is a clear but short summary of a story, essay, or article that is in the writerâ??s own words.

When was Dog Star - short story - created?

Dog Star - short story - was created in 1962-04.

What is the summary of the short story The Ritual by Cirilo F Bautista?

The Ritual is a short story written by Cirilo F Bautista. The short story is about a man who has demonic powers.

What a summery?

A summary is a short rewrite of the important parts of a story.

Can a summary be as long as you want it to be?

no, it is a short paragraph to tell what the story is about

How many sentences are in a short story summary?

It depends entirely on you. Use as many as you need to write the summary.

What is a kid friendly definition of a summary?

Summary- To put a long story in short words with important parts.

How do you make a sentence with the word summary?

so in summary we killed him. summary is very short morale of story.

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