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What is the supporting tissue of the embryo?

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Embryonic Connective tissue: mesenchyme

They are called the Supporting Cells that are in the Nervous Tissue. It is also where AIDS is formed.

Embryonic, due to the Embryo Embryonic, due to the Embryo

Hyaline cartilage is the forerunner of long bones in the embryo.

The majority of nervous tissue is composed of supporting cells called euroglia.

An embryo doesn't have any kind of skeletal system. It begins as the embryo develops into a fetus. The tissue is cartilage which is replaced by bone. An infant still has to finish developing bone after birth.

In young plants, the stems contain collenchymatous tissue as a supporting tissue. As plants mature, you can also find more specialized supporting tissues in vascular plants.

A seed contain embryo and nutritive tissue

ectoderm, more specifically for nervous tissue is neuroectoderm

In biology, or more specifically botany, a seed refers to any tissue that can regenerate an entire organism on it's own. It is distinct from the embryo in that it also provides supporting cells, that nourish the embryo. In practical biology, seed refers to a starter for growth, such as cells for a cell culture, or bacterial input for a fermentation process.

All tissue on our body supports in the health and growth of our cells.

It is made up of mostly hyaline cartilage.

mesenchyme is connective tissue primarily in the embryo and its function is that it gives rise to all other connective tissue types.

Nervous tissue is composed of neurons and supporting cells called neuroglial. The neuroglial are unspecialized cells and are able to perform supporting functions unlike the neurons which are used in key functions.

The nutritive tissue within seeds of flowering plants, surrounding and absorbed by the embryo.

The endosperm is the tissue inside the seeds of flowering plants that nourishes the embryo plant.

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a seed coat, storage tissue, and a dormant embryo. the seed coat protects the seed from drying out, endosperm is the temporary food supply and the cotyledon is the embryo.

Without differentiation the embryo would not develop different organs or organ systems. It would essentially be one uniform tissue.

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