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They have a predator/prey relationship

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Q: What is the symbiotic relationship between a lion and gazelle?
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What is the symbiotic relationship between leopard and lion?

they are the same family

What type of symbiotic relationship lion eats the horse?

A lion eating a horse is not a symbiotic relationship.

What is the symbiotic relationship between a lion and a zebra?

parasitism, the lion gets benefited and the zebra, harmed.

What is the symbiotic relationship of a lion?


What are some predator and prey relationship in the savanna?

Lion and gazelle, antelope, zebra, hippo.

Who is faster - a lion or a gazelle?

Gazelle,a lion use team work to tired the gazelle out. Only the cheetah is fast enough to catch a gazelle by itself.

Can a gazelle kill a lion?


What is the relationship between the mountain lion and deer?

There is a predator-prey relationship between the mountain lion and the deer. The lion is the predator and the deer is the prey.

What are the predator-prey relationships in the savanna?

I don't know. I'm looking for that answer too. there's the lion and gazelle relationship in which the lion is the predator and the gazelle is the prey. there's also the tick bird and insects where the bird is the predator and the insects are the prey

Is a gazelle faster than a lion?

a gazelle is more faster because have long feats

What animal has a symbiotic relation in the movie ''The Lion King''?

What are the symbiotic relationships of the mandrill

When a lion eats a gazelle which eats grass?

If the Lion ears the Gazelle, the lion can also eat grass to settle their stomachs. Other grass animals eat the grass

What is the interaction in which an organism kills another organism and than eats it?

Such interaction is known as predator-prey relationship for example relation of a Gazelle and a Lion.

What continent has cheetah wildbeast lion gazelle?


What is the relationship between lion and antelope?


What is the relationship between lion and zebra?

Zebras and lions have a prey-predator relationship.

What is the role of a food chain for a lion?

First the grass, in which then the zebra/Gazelle/Wildebeast/etc, eat the grass, then the lion eats the Zebra/Gazelle/Wildebeast/etc.

What type of relationship is seen between the lion and zebra?

The lion is predator and the zebra is prey.

Is a relationship between a lion and zebra an example of symbiosis?

Symbiosis is not happening between the two. However their is a relationship, Lion is the predator and the zebra is the prey. Lions eat Zebras

Is the gazelle near the lion on Nabooti Island?

No. On the Safari, the gazelle peeks out occasionally at the extreme lower right of the scene.

Can a gazelle eat a lion?

No, but lions regularly eat gazelles.

Why is a gazelle a prey?

Because lion and tigers like eating them

Who normally wins a fight between a lion and a gazelle?

A small, young, or sickly lion would not necessarily be able to bring down a healthy adult gazelle. But an adult lion, especially a large female, is more than capable of bringing down a full-grown gazelle. The object of lions as predators is to pursue and kill the most available prey, which are usually the smaller, slower, or less agile individuals.

The Lion King the birds riding on the tusks of the elephant feed on insects the elephant stirs up What kind of symbiotic relationship exsits between the two?

Commensalism where one organism benifits and one organism doesn't care

Does a lion eat gazelle?

Yes, they do. But they normally prefer larger creatures.