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What is the symbol for faith?

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The symbol of faith can change from religion to religion as well as person to person. In Christianity, a symbol of faith is the crucifix.

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What is the Korean symbol for faith?

신앙 is the Korean symbol for faith.

Is the creed called the symbol of faith?

Creed is the symbol of faith according to orthodox church

What is the single Chinese symbol for faith?

if you want the single symbol for faith, it should be 忠 (zhong1)

What is the symbol faith of Islam?

No symbol per Islam religion.

What is the symbol of faith of Christianity?

a fish.

What animal represents faith?

A fish is the symbol that represents faith. The symbol of the fish is found on many cars as a representation of being a Christian.

What is the single Hebrew symbol for 'faith'?

The Hebrew language does not have symbols. It has letters. The Hebrew word for faith is אמונה

What color is the symbol of purity and faith?


Why is the Muslim faith symbol what it is?

There is no religious symbol per Islam faith or religion as the cross for Chritians or David star for Jews. Refer to question below.

What does a yellow feather symbolize in the Bahai Faith?

This is not a commonly used symbol in the Bahá'í Faith.

What are some of symbols for having faith?

One type of symbol for having faith is the peace sign.

What symbols represent faith?

It could be any symbol depending on the religion. For example, a Christian's symbol of faith would be the Cross, which represents where Jesus was crucified to forgive people's sins.

What is the Thai symbol for faith?

I think it is nine-pointed star.

What Does A Fish Symbolise?

In Christianity the fish is a symbol of faith and abundance.

What is the symbol of juddasim?

The Menorah - The menorah is the oldest symbol of the Jewish faith. It is the seven branched candelabra that stood in the Temple.

How does the star of david support Jewish faith?

The Star of David does not support the Jewish faith. It is only a symbol of national pride.

What is the most widely-known symbol of the christian faith?

the cross

What is the religion Judaism's symbol of faith?

The five-sided Star of David

What is the symbol for grace?

There is no one symbol for grace - it can be whatever symbol represents grace to you. In the Christian faith, the sign of the cross or doves represent grace to many people.

Are angels a symbol in the Jewish faith?

In Judaism, angels are task specific creations of HaShem that do not have freewill. Angels are not a symbol of anything.

What is a symbol of faith?

One example is a cross, or hands folded in prayer. If you don't want a religious symbol, you could use a candle, or an animal like a dog (although I suppose that's more loyalty than faith).

What does the SANCTI pendant mean?

The Sancti pendant is part of an E-Pendants line and when worn signifies faith without limits. Your faith is not just in sanctity, but also in man, life and happiness. This popular piece is a symbol of a faith piercing through the carnage of faithlessness. You have faith in yourself, your ability, your character, and your destiny. Your faith is infinite. The sanctum is a sacred place, free from intrusion. It is there that faith is nurtured and grows without limits. This pendant is an anchor for that sacred space. It is a symbol of light and of faith.

What is the symbol of dove in wedding?

The white dove is a symbol of peace, love, unit y, hope, faith, and prosperity. Doves are released as a symbol of a happy life for the new couple.

Do all followers of religion wear a visible of faith?

No religion HAS to wear a symbol, so no, not all followers wear a visible sign of faith.

Silkh religoius symbol?

The symbol often identified with the Sikh faith is the Khanda. The Khanda is comprised by three swords and the chakra, a throwing blade.

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