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Q: What is the symbol for the byrd's band?
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Who is opening for the eagles band?


Who were McGuinn and McGuire in 1967 in LA?

Mcguinn was the foundr of the band the byrds and mcguire had a hit song eve of destruction

What was the signature music style of the 60s band The Byrds?

The Byrds rock band, who performed mainly in the 60s, help to bring a different kind of rock to the public. They played what was known as folk rock. Their harmonies were pleasant to listen to.

What band had a song with the lyrics For every season turn turn turn?

The Byrds.

What band did David Crosby play in before Crosby stills Nash and young?

the byrds

In the late 1960s Rick James signed to Motown as part of a band called the Mynah Byrds with which rock Legend?

Neil Young

Who was the first progressive rock band?

Progressive rock style kind of evolved through these bands trying it first: The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Byrds, The Who.

When did The Byrds end?

The Byrds ended in 1973.

When was The Byrds created?

The Byrds was created in 1964.

When and where did the byrds form?

The byrds were formed in Los Angeles in 1964

What is the duration of The Byrds of Paradise?

The duration of The Byrds of Paradise is 2820.0 seconds.

What is the ticker symbol for Band-Aid?

Band Aid is a product of Johnson and Johnsonso the ticker symbol is JNJ.

What is the Ticker symbol for band aid?

Band Aid is a product of Johnson and Johnsonso the ticker symbol is JNJ.

When was The Essential Byrds created?

The Essential Byrds was created on 2003-04-22.

When was Byrds - album - created?

Byrds - album - was created on 1972-11-15.

When was The Byrds of Paradise created?

The Byrds of Paradise was created on 1994-03-03.

When did The Byrds of Paradise end?

The Byrds of Paradise ended on 1994-06-23.

What actors and actresses appeared in The Byrds - 2000?

The cast of The Byrds - 2000 includes: James Vieira Shirley Ward as Mrs. Byrds Irv Zimmer as Mr. Byrd

When was The Byrds Play Dylan created?

The Byrds Play Dylan was created in 1979-11.

What band never recorded an album with Neil Young?

Neil Young never recorded an albun with McGuinn,Clark,Crosby,& Hillman also known as The Byrds

What country does The Byrds come from?

The Byrds come from the United States.

When was The Byrds' Greatest Hits created?

The Byrds' Greatest Hits was created on 1965-01-20.

When was The Very Best of The Byrds created?

The Very Best of The Byrds was created on 1997-06-23.

When was The Byrds - box set - created?

The Byrds - box set - was created on 1965-01-19.

When was Farther Along - The Byrds album - created?

Farther Along - The Byrds album - was created on 1971-11-17.