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It is the "Om" symbol. To see an image go to //

This represents the word written in devanagari script - the script used for Sanskit.

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Main symbol of Hinduism is swastika & aum sign. Swastika is the same sign which Hitler used just the angles are different.

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Q: What is the symbol of Hindu?
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What the Hindu symbol?

the hindu symbol is the OM.

What does the Hindu symbol symbol mean?

The Hindu symbol is sacred and is written in the language of Sanskrit (an ancient language) Translated it means Aum, which is a very sacred hindu word. Aum is the sound of the universe.

Aum Hindu Religion?

A Hindu Aum is a Hinduism symbol

Is there a Hindu symbol?


What are the Hindu-Arabic symbol for 5?

It's already an Hindu-Arabic symbol representing the number 5.

What is the color of the Hindu symbol?


What is the Hindu symbol that looks like a 30?

thats the OM symbol

Is the Om symbol Hindi or Buddhist?


What symbol represents the Hindu religion?

The om.

What is a symbol for the Hindu god Krishna?

The symbol of the Hindu god "Krishna" looks like krishna playing the flute with a goat LOVE U PEOPLE

Was Hitler a Hindu?

No, he was a Roman Catholic but he did steal the symbol the swastika from Hinduism which represents the 2 forms of the Hindu god Bramha and used it as a symbol for evil.

Who created the Hindu symbols?

There was no particular person they just had a simple symbol which is the symbol of Hinduism

What does the Hindu symbol stand for?

the hindu sign stands for your religion and culture it stands for who you pray to and which god you pray to

What is the appropriate sympathy gift for Hindu?

you can give a Hindu a locket with aum symbol. Or something he or she can put in daily use.

Where did the non Nazi swastika come from?

it was a religious Hindu symbol

What language is the Hindu symbol written in?

Generally in Sanskrit language

Why do hindu worship elephants?

Elephant is the symbol of lord Ganesha..

Is a nazi swastika symbol gang related?

No, it was actually a Hindu symbol for strength and unity prior to WWII

What religion is kritika kamra?

Hindu because in the first litni mohobat hai she was wearing an om (Hindu symbol) neclace

What are the symbols for the creation in Hindu art?

Symbol of Hinduism is aum symbol and swastika symbol. These both symbols represent core belief of Hinduism.

What does a Hindu symbol stand for?

There are various Hindu symbols.. they all stand for different things such as sounds (Om) gods and goddesses, art, earth elements and even luck. The most recognized Hindu symbol is the Swastika. It was taken from hindu from the Nazis. the Swastika actually stands for good fortune, luck and well being.

Hindu symbol swastika?

it is symbol of om. due to distortion in carrying forward, it under gone to present state.

Why do Hindu people worship elephants?

Elephant is the symbol of lord Ganesha..

How do you write the number 100 in Hindu symbol?

Exactly as in the question 100

What is the largest number there is a single symbol for in ancient Hindu?

It is the sign of infinity