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What is the symbolic meaning of a butterfly with open wings?


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To some a butterfly with open wings symbolizes outer beauty, while a butterfly with closed wings symbolizes inner beauty.


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It will vary very widely on the species of butterfly. Some butterflies will release a scent from their admen, others will slowly flap their wings, and some will sit there with their wings wide open.

To cut something down the middle, like down the back of a shrimp, but not all the way through, then open the two pieces to the side like wings. Pork chops and chicken breasts are often butterflied and stuffed with tasty fillings.

It hatches from the pupa by splitting open its pupal casing and emerging. The wings are folded and damp when inside the pupal casing. Once emerged, it stretches its wings and pumps blood into them while the wings are setting. It sits this way for a few hours before it flies away.

A butterfly uses its wings like a solar panel. Most species will open their wings and turn their backs to the sun when temperatures are cool. Some species will keep their wings folded behind their backs and turn sideways to the sun, angling their wings to catch the most light/heat from the sun.

Butterfly does not have flipturns, but open turns.

monarch butterfly do not have babies . after the nymph open it will be the adults butterfly

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Some of the Characteristics of a butterfly are as follows: * A butterfly's pupa is called a chrysalis. * The antennae (or feelers) of a butterfly are thin and slender, with a club shape at the end. * Most butterflies have very bright colours on their wings. * Butterflies have slender, smooth abdomens. * Butterflies have fine scales. * Butterflies are able to rely on their absorption of solar radiation. * Butterflies are mostly diurnal and come out in the daylight. * Butterflies fold their wings above their backs, although they do occasionally bask in the sun and open their wings.

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By opening their wings like a bird or insect of course. Obvious!!

like all insects, they all have OPEN circulatory system

The respiratory system of a butterfly is open, and air enters their bodies via a small opening called a spiracle.

It sleeps with eyes open. Buterflies do not need eyelids.

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No, all insects have open circulatory system,and a butterfly is an insect so it is open.

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Butterflies Generally: Fly in day More colorful than moths Club shaped antennae Less 'hairy' (fewer hair-shaped scales) Rest with wings folded together behind their backs Moths Generally: Fly at night Less colorful Feather shaped antennae 'Hairy' (more hair-shaped scales) Rest with wings open The primary difference is the way their wings attach to their bodies.

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I found a butterfly in my room floor the other night and thought it was alive but soon found it was being eaten by the ants under its spread wings, dead. I kept it and scrolled on the net. Found it to be symbolism of rebirth process. And death of which means the third life is going to open up infront of you soon. May be. God knows best. Ameen.

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