What is the symbolism in the movie Knowing?

The movie is filled with symbolism. Here's a bunch of things that stood out for me. Yes, they do seem a little far-fetched, but if you really think about them, they start to make sense.
The "aliens" are actually angels.
The numerical message is actually the Bible.
The "aliens" took the children to heaven because they had faith like children. They were saved because they believed. Just like the Bible.

-Edit by Rosco09: The new place the children were taken to were a new earth to start over, it was the Garden and Eden, they were new Adam and Eve.notice the tree of life.

The children "heard" the message literally. This is a symbol of "hearing" the word of God.
The black rocks are the sin in our lives.
The mother died in the accident because even though she knew the message was true, she could not bring herself to accept it. She held onto the black rocks (sin) until the very end.
The tree at the end is the Tree of Life, starting the Bible story anew with the two innocent children.
The car that drives by and gives the boy a black rock a the beginning is Satan at work, trying to distract those who hear the word, by trying to insert the sin into their lives.
[Editted: I'd like to watch this again to see if I can see the actual faces of those in the car. Although they seem to be the same *type* of people as the end of the film, I believe they might be different. For example, angels vs fallen angels. I'm not sure why they would try to insert the rocks (sin) into the lives of the children unless they were fallen angels. Biblically, we are warned of false profits, and also told that it's not always easy to tell good from evil.]
Note that there were black rocks found in Lucinda's room where she died. She also had a Bible. Even though she knew the truth (the Bible), she let the black rocks (sin) consume her life, and she did because of it.
The "sun" destroys the earth. The sun God because the world is consumed in sin. This is further seen in the looting at the end.
Cage's friend knows that the message is true, but can't bring himself to accept the fact that there are higher powers. The evidence is right there in front of him, but he doesn't want to believe.
The fire at the end *may* be a reference to the pit of fire found in revelation.

Cage's character in the end "knows" that there is a heaven. His journey in the movie is to find God, which he does, and his life ends in the arms of a confident, forgiving pastor. "Knowing" is not "knowing the future", but rather "knowing that God exists".
Thoughts of Rosco09:
The whole movie after thinking about it is a modern Noah's ark. Noah was told that the earth will be flooded, and to build an ark, and gather creatures. WEll these children were told indirectly that the world were to end. Of course as told by the bible it was to be destroyed by means of fire, never water again. The alien space ship is representative of Noah's ark, and the animals that they brought are representative of 2 of each kind. They were brought to The Garden of Eden, as indicated by the Tree of Life, and they are pure and starting over as symbolized by their white garments.
Also, refer back to the image that Cage found in Lucinda's home, with Ezikeil and the god, and the spherical thing, and the scene where the children are taken by the 'angels'. Cage is on his knees in the light of god,the spaceship. and the pod that lifts them is the sphere in the picture.
The movie also indirectly speaks of creationism and evolutionism in Cages lecture in the beginning of how things just Randomly and coincidentally ended up perfect. Or that there is a scientific reason that we can live the way we do because of position.
Also i think the dust flying around everywhere at the end is representative of the Catholic, and maybe other religions idea of "from dust you were formed, and from dust you shall return".
In the place crash scene, i think that Cage unable to save anyone or help anyone is a representation of or inability to change the fate that is given to us by the superior being.

Also, adding to all these other comments, notice how there we other space ships or gigantic crystals going to "the new earth". I believe this symbolizes the 144,000 which goes to heaven when the "end" or Armaggeden. Every thing in this movie revolves around the Bible and the truth, which amazes my in all different kinds of ways. I would honestly rate this movie 5/5 because this is the first movie that I have witnessed to actually talk about the Bible and all the prophecies that Jehovah God and Jesus will bring.
Yes, I do agree with everything the first person said, except the part in the beginning. Those people who gave him the Black Rock Arn't with the devil BECAUSE They were the same People (Alien-things) that saved them at the end. if not the srry i was confused.
Thoughts of Fustigation:
There's two symbol layers here - Yes, this is a judeo-christian allegory on the surface - bible, adam eve, etc. The second layer though is the 'indo-european/afro-asian savior god hybrid' mythology, from which the judeo-christian mythology was partially influenced by. You have to compare the two layers, to get the final answer - the tree of life and the girl/boy at the end represent physical rebirth of the human species, but also the metaphysical rebirth of conscious awareness from within, the kind that can occur at anytime with proper wisdom and reflections. It was the boys' and girls' belief that 'saved' them, not their general existence. Or at least, that's a question the audience should ask - what's more important? If true, it questions Christian dogma, where the literal fact of Jesus' rebirth and faith in his guidance is the main important knowledge. The movie may suggest true inner faith, belief, gut wisdom 'knowing' etc is more important than following the literal facts of someone elses story (i.e. John and his letter of dates).
I'm sure viewpoint is relevant because on the reference to Pythagorism and others near the start of the story, and how people 'see what they want' in the symbols. Its the general concept of of numbers/letters that is amazing about reality, not the necessarily set's of patterns which exist. It's implied Pythagorism, etc places importance on the latter, when really its the former, which is ironic but rampant in public opinion for a society dominated by a judeo-christian peoples.

I also noticed that Lucinda represents saint peter the messenger to pave the path for the chosen one.
I don't know if anyone said that, I'm to lazy to read this whole thing lol.
What about all of the Masonic / Esoteric symbolism carefully placed in the movie. The SUN on the wall, the pyramids, the winged discs, Lucinda = the bearer of light = Luci(fer)? It was like a primer for the ancient mystery schools. The are pyramids on the steps up to the front door at the school at the beginning and they are missing later. Pick up a copy of Codex Magica or a William Cooper book. Just a thought.

I just want to add, as a Christian orthodox theologian that this movie has zero real 'biblical' teaching and Shamar needs to desperately re-read the Bible. The themes are an incredible and unbelievable mixture of many different beliefs from Christianity too the mystery cults and Greek mythology as noted above. But one thing that has been missed is a further Christian doctrine, which I noted is present but hopelessly miss-represented. In some Christian circles faith is acquired not by the sole choice of the person but is selected for faith and belief by the Holy Spirit and that produces the saving moment. Without the selection and choice self-disclosure by God to the person the person would simply be left not without notice of God, for that is in creation and clearly visible every moment. But rather a knowledge that is aided by the next step of such disclosure. Another way of putting it would be this. There is a general revelation of God's presence, nature, character, and existence already in the existence of all things. But that alone cannot bring faith that saves; it must be guided, informed and ultimately understood through the special revelation of scripture and the knowledge of God's redemptive plan. Knowing certainly goes back to the mystery cults in this aspect because Nicolas Cage has a secret knowledge and those who have this knowledge are supposed to spread it to others, in the knowledge there is salvation. This salvation does not though, as in the movie, bring a change in moral behavior. However in Christianity knowledge is NOT THE METHOD OR MEANS OF SALVATION but rather the shedding of Christ's blood on the cross and faith in the resurrection of Christ as a fact is what saves us and brings us eternal life. I urge anyone seeing this movie to check out a Bible and read revelation in order to see for themselves that 'Knowing' represents a craft full and nowhere subtle warping of many beliefs. Knowing what I do about Hollywood it does not surprise me in the least to see such a movie and even at such a time since believers in Christ are now ticking off item after item of what they see as being the signs that this present evil age is coming to an end.

There is some symbolism related to the bible but there is more rubbish than actual truths.

1. The fire at the end that destroys the world: That is biblical...the LORD will destroy this world with fire.
2. The people that are "messengers" could be viewed as "angels" {which are the messengers of GOD}
3. The taking of the children at the end with the messengers. It says in the bible that only if we humble ourselves like children can we enter Heaven. Heaven was made for children...Jesus said both of these things. Also the rapture {when believers are taken from the earth into heaven} this is also biblical and it is something that is going to be done by the Heavenly angels. Jesus told us this.
4. The rocks!? Not sure...Jesus does tell one of the churches that he will give you a stone at the end times with your name on it...could be something to do with the chosen but hey...its too far off to know if that was what its about.
5. Those who hear and know - That can be seen as the gospel....