What is the symptom for pregnancy?

Pregnancy Signs Missed period Possible Unusual or abnormal period Possible Just 'feeling' pregnant Possible Nausea and Vomiting Possible Changes in libido Possible Soreness of the Breasts Possible Enlargement of the Breasts Possible Frequent Urination Possible Strange Cravings Possible Fatigue Possible Montgomery's Tubercules Possible Skin Changes Possible Stretch Marks Possible Enlarging Uterus Possible Movement Possible Colostrum from Breasts Possible Enlarged Abdomen Probable Change in uterine shape Probable Braxton Hicks Contractions Probable Palpation of the Baby Probable Positive Pregnancy Test Positive Fetal Heart Tones Positive Ultrasound Detection Positive X-ray Detection Positive Hope this helps! Let me know what happens.