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a synonym for abducting is kidnapping

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The synonym for abducting is kidnapping.

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Q: What is the synonym for abducting?
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When was Abducting the Unicorn created?

Abducting the Unicorn was created in 1999.

Taking a person against their will?


What are the legal consequences of abducting someone?

Abducting is another word for kidnapping. Kidnapping is a felony offense in every US State and under Federal law.

Why do aliens keep abducting me?

they don't your just being silly

What was Hades best known for?

Minding the underworld, and abducting Persephone.

How do you get a baby on a spaceship?

By picking them up and taking them inside... :) does that help?? ;) or abducting it:)

What class of levers describes the deltoid abducting the arm?

The deltoid abducting the arm is an example of a third-class lever, where the effort (muscle force) is applied between the fulcrum (shoulder joint) and the resistance (weight of the arm).

According to Ramayana what demon helped Lakshmana while abducting Sita?


Why did the artist make the Hades abducting Persephone piece?

To depict the myth visually.

Who killed ernesto Miranda?

No, he didn't. He was convicted of raping and abducting her but he didn't kill her.

What is the future tense of abduct?

Future could be:will + verb -- will abduct -- We will abduct the dog then send a not to his ownerbe + going to + verb -- am/is/are going to abduct -- We are going to abduct the dog this eveningbe + present participle -- am/is/are abducting -- We are abducting the dog tomorrow

Who never forgave Hades for abducting Persephone?

Demeter, the Goddess of the harvest and Persephone's mother.