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synonym for group is individual and synonym for individual is group.

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A group is many things (a group of people) while individual is one (one person). These two words don't have the same meaning which makes them antonyms.

I think group would be one synonym.

Someone individual mortal

Synonym for Separately:individuallysinglyon an individual basisone by oneseverally

Human, human being, individual.

personal, specific, private, singular about group?

different, individual, separate, discrete, unconnected

alone, individual, single, solitary, unique

If you mean 'individual' as the noun, synonyms include 'person' or 'citizen'. If you mean 'individual' as the adjective, synonyms include 'unique'

comparisn between group and individual testing

similarities of group counselling and individual counselling

group, section, level, tier

only loosely and really it depends on the use of the word Group.

does fashion design work in group,individual ,or both

difference between group communication and individual communication

man, person, individual, guy, bloke, chap, comrade

Family is a synonym for group.

Ring, group, join - depending on context

Individual culture is a culture that values the individual over the group. This contrasts with a collectivist culture, which values the individual only with respect to their contribution to a certain social group.

Individual is one person and a counsellor. Group is where a group with similar issues discuss together.

Collectivism puts the group first, and individual rights are subordinate to the group desires. Individualism puts the individual first, and individual rights take precedent over the group.

Anything an individual or group posesses, which, in turn, is perceived by another individual or group to be valuable, is a commodity.

casual greeting used by an individual or group or individuals addressing an other individual (or group or individuals).

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