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Mercenaries, commandos, terrorists, resistance fighters, partisans, underground fighters

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Q: What is the synonym for guerrillas?
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What is the synonym for militia?

Reserves paramilitaries,reservists, local militia, mercenaries, territorial army, soldiers, guerrillas, soldiers of fortune, legionnaires

Would you please use the word 'guerrillas' in a proper sentence?

It is not that hard to use guerrillas in a sentence. See, I just used guerrillas in a sentence. The guerrillas are attacking!

When was Guerrillas - band - created?

Guerrillas - band - was created in 2002.

What were the targets of the Cuban guerrillas?

The United States of America and Spain were the targets of the Cuban guerrillas.

What is the antonym of guerrillas?


Where were the targets of the Cuban guerrillas?

During the Spanish American War, Cuban guerrillas fought against the Spanish. After that, Cuban guerrillas fought against the corrupt Cuban government and later against Americans.

What is the antonym for guerrillas?

Army Or Militant

What are viet cong guerrillas?

Southern sympathizers living in South Vietnam and aiding the North Vietnamese Army (NVA) as guerrillas.

Guerrillas were the wealthiest people in Spain at the time true or false?

The guerrillas of the Napoleonic era were sometimes led by wealthy Spanish but the bulk of the fighters were peasants.

What are the release dates for The Americans - 1961 The Guerrillas 1-9?

The Americans - 1961 The Guerrillas 1-9 was released on: USA: 20 March 1961

What actors and actresses appeared in Feeding Cashews to Guerrillas - 2011?

The cast of Feeding Cashews to Guerrillas - 2011 includes: Alison Procter as Alison Procter

What actors and actresses appeared in The Hot Box - 1972?

The cast of The Hot Box - 1972 includes: Joe Alfasa as Medical Officer Roy Alvarez as Leyo Bobbs Alviola as The Guerrillas Carmen Argenziano as Flavio - the Guerrilla Carmen Barredo as Tomasa Dante Bernal as The Guerrillas Andrea Cagan as Bunny Kincaid Jing Caparas as The Guerrillas Boy Carreon as The Guerrillas Pmp Commandos as Themselves SOS Daredevils as Themselves Boy De Guzman as Soldier Bert de Meba as The Guerrillas Ching Dimadante as The Guerrillas Remo Huelar as The Guerrillas Elmo Katada as The Guerrillas Eustaquio Kavanan as Soldier Gina Laforteza as Florida Jerry Lapuz as Jerry Greg Luzano as Perde Margaret Markov as Lynn Forrest Rocco Montalban as Carragiero Alex Pascual as Alex Roger Pasion as Soldier Benny Pebtano as Benny Enrico Portugal as The Guerrillas Ely Prado as Soldier Ruben Ramos as Mimmo Rickey Richardson as Ellie St. George Robert Rivera as Pedro Jose Romulo as Crao Laurie Rose as Sue Pennwright Ruben Rustia Manuel Sagabaria as Stout Peasant Ignaz Sagem as The Guerrillas Fred Schomaker as The Guerrillas Rey Silad as Sgt. Sanchez Astrid Soreno as The Guerrillas Rene Vargas as Soldier in Warehouse Norma Vargas as The Guerrillas Dieso Viernes as Soldier Zaldy Zshornack as Ronaldo

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