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a narrative

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Tale, narrative, account.

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Q: What is the synonym of STORY?
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What is a synonym for biography?

A synonym for biography (a life story) is memoir.

What is a synonym for the word anecdote?

A synonym for the word anecdote is a "story" or a "tale."

What is a synonym for rumor?

story, news, report, talk, whisper, buzz, gossip

What would be a synonym for folktale?

A synonym for folktale could be folklore.

A synonym that starts with s for news?

"Story" is a synonym that starts with "s" for news.

Is Narrator a synonym for story?

No, a narrator is a storyteller.

Is story element a synonym or antonym?

"Story element" is not a synonym or antonym. A story element refers to the components that make up a story, such as characters, setting, plot, and theme. It is a neutral term used to describe the building blocks of a narrative.

What is the synonym and antynonym of biography?

Synonyms for biography are life story, life history, and memoir.It is hard to find an antonyms for biography but a biography should not be a work of fiction or fantasy.

What is a synonym for anecdoteless?

There is no such English word. An anecdote is a humorous story, tale or narrative.

Synonym for hot topic?

News, headline, popular, juicy story and believe it or not: Democratic.

What are bylines?

A byline is a word that's used in the world of journalism and it is a synonym for the author of a story or an article.What_is_a_byline_in_an_essayWhat_is_a_byline_in_an_essay

Which of the following seems to be the best synonym for griot?

West African traditional oral historian and story teller