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What is the synonyms for churlish?


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crude, boorish, base, blunt, sullen, surly, oafish, touchy, curt, gruff, discourteous, dour, grouchy, grumpy, ill-tempered, loutish, miserly, morose, rude, uncivil, unsociable

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You can not say that. Because it is so Churlish.

http:/dictionary.reference.com/browse/churlish Churlish means surly or mean. a sentence for the word churlish is The store manager instructed all the salesclerks to avoid churlish replies to customers question

Some synonyms for the word peevish are angry, bad-tempered, carping, caviling, childish and churlish. The most used synonym for the word peevish is angry.

Some people have a reputation of being churlish and difficult to get along with

As from Thefreedictionary.com (see the related link)1. Of, like, or befitting a churl; boorish or vulgar.2. Having a bad disposition; surly: "as valiant as the lion, churlish as the bear" Shakespeare.3. Difficult to work with, such as soil; intractable. ---- churlish·ly adv.churlish·ness n. ---- churlish Adjectivesurly and rude Thesaurus Legend: Synonyms Related Words AntonymsAdj. 1. churlish - rude and boorish ungracious- lacking charm and good taste; "an ungracious industrial city"; "this curt summary is not meant to be ungracious"; "ungracious behavior"2. churlish - having a bad disposition; surly; "churlish as a bear"- Shakespeare Ill-natured - having an irritable and unpleasant disposition---- churlish adjective Rude, harsh, vulgar, sullen, surly, morose, brusque, ill-tempered, boorish, impolite, loutish, oafish, uncivil, unmannerly

Churlish means boorish, unmannered. The word comes from the Old English word ceorl, which meant a peasant.

The store manager instructed all the salesclerks to avoid churlish replies to customers' questions. or You hurt her feelings when you reacted to her comments in such a churlish way, especially since you asked for her advice. or The assembly speaker may have been boring, but that was no excuse for the students' churlish behavior toward him. or The students behavior toward the teacher was unacceptable.

Ms. Hines is definitely not a morning person. She will need to appologize to the parents for churlish remarks at the opening of the school day.

Churlish, Graceless, Unpleasing

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Churl I think because ish is a popular suffix

The churlish knave was banished from the kingdom. You sir, are a knave and a scoundrel!

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